Garmin Monterra – Transferring files through WiFi

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One of the issues with the Monterra is that you cannot mount it as a removable drive. This makes transferring files from GSAK harder than with the previous models.

My solution will allow you to transfer files easily from GSAK, without even connecting the USB-cable. I run a FTP-server on my Monterra, which I mount as a drive by using NetDrive.

If you don’t use a SD-card, and have no plans to use it, you may skip step 3 and simply set SdCard as the Home directory in the FTP-server (see step 1). Thanks to gacrux for pointing this out to me!

Step 1 – Install and configure FTP-Server on the Monterra

The FTP-server I’m using is   FTP Server by The Olive Tree.

After installing the app and starting it, you have to configure it. Click the wrench-symbol in the upper right corner and change the following:

Anonymous user: Unchecked
User name: <pick a user name>
User password: <pick a password>
Home directory: Root (/)   (or SdCard if you have no SD-card, I guess the built-in memory is a SD-card soldered to the board)

After configuration hit the back-button to get back to the main screen for the server and click the big red button. The server should now start and the IP-address and port information should be displayed like shown in the image below.


Keep in mind that the IP-address of your Monterra might change,
so creating a permanent reservation for it in your router may be a good idea.

Step 2 – Install and configure NetDrive on your computer

Download NetDrive and install it. NetDrive is free for personal use.

Start NetDrive and create a new site by clicking «New Site».
Fill in the required changes:

Site name: Garmin Monterra (or whatever you want)
Site IP or URL: The IP-address shown in the FTP-Server app
Port: The port number shown after the IP-address in the FTP-server app
Drive: M: (for Monterra, or any other available drive letter you wish to use)

Connect as anonymous: Unchecked
Account: The username you specified in the FTP-server
Password: The password you specified in the FTP-server
Save password: Checked

Click Save and then Connect. You are now connected to your Monterra.


Step 3 – Install and configure GarminExport macro

Download the GarminExport macro from the GSAK forum.

Note: My modified version of the GarminExport macro is no longer needed

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