Garmin Monterra – Disabling default apps

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A lot of the default apps are useless to geocachers. I don’t want contacts, talk or the Google search bar on my Monterra. For the most it will be offline, so a huge search bar visible on every home screen is just annoying.

Disabling the default apps may cause misbehavior in other apps. You do this on your own risk.

Disabling the apps are easy. Start by opening Manage apps, either by navigating to the System settings and then open Apps, or by clicking Manage apps after clicking the menu button while on the home screen.

Select All on the top row and scroll down to the app you wish to disable. Select it and then click Disable. You will have to accept the warning. The app should now be disabled.

Disabled app

I’ve disabled the following apps (the two first is to remove the search bar):

  • Google Search
  • Voice Search
  • Contacts
  • Contacts Storage
  • Google Contacts Sync
  • Google+
  • Movie Studio
  • Talk
Even though the search bar will disappear, the space cannot be used to anything else.
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