US Trip 2019 – Day 28+ – Going home

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This was sadly the last day of the trip, and we had to fly back home. But we made sure to find a couple caches near the airport first, as we always do when flying from Denver.

Approximate time from hotel to home:  25 hours, 42 minutes
Total miles driven (Denver): 24.3 mi / 39,1 km
Total cahes found: 22 (Denver) + 1 (Norway)
Total DNF: (Denver)
States/countries visited: Colorado, Germany, Norway
Most memorable cache: GC7KP3X Dreamer (last cache of the trip)
Biggest surprise: The amount of DNFs
Weather: Sunny, some clouds

A late start

We hadn’t planned much this day, so we used the time we needed to get some breakfast, get (almost) everything back into the car and get ready to leave. We didn’t leave until 10:20am.

Our regular Denver routine

Since we usually leave Denver in the afternoon, and have some time to kill, we usually end up finding caches along the trails around the airport. We have found a lot of them now, so we had to find caches in a different part this time. And those caches was not like the others – these were a lot harder to find!

But we still found a lot, and this was, as usual, a nice way to end this epic trip.

Returning the rental car

After changing from caching clothing to travel clothing, in the parking lot near the last cache, it was time to return the rental car.

Back to Europe

The first leg of the trip took us from Denver to Frankfurt, a relatively nice and pleasant flight.

The second leg took us from Frankfurt to Oslo, where we boarded the last leg which took us back to Stavanger.

Almost home

A short drive, and a ferry ride later, we arrived back home – with jet lag and a lot of new memories.


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