US Trip 2019 – Day 24 – Guadalupe Mountains

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The route this day took us from Truth or Consequences to Whites City, via Guadalupe Mountains and a couple detours. Another great day on the road!

Approximate time on road/out caching:  10 hours, 40 minutes
Total miles driven: 284.3 mi / 457,5 km
Total caches found: 25
Total DNF: 2
States visited: New Mexico, Texas
Famous places visited: Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Most memorable cache: GC6D5C Shaketail Crick
Biggest surprise: The early arrival at the hotel
Weather: Sunny, some clouds
Highest temperature: 100°F / 37,8°C
Lowest temperature: 69°F / 20,6°C

A couple caches before we leave

Before we left Truth or Consequences, we had to find a couple of the caches around the hotel. We started 7am, and ended up finding all of the three caches we had planned to find.

This road or that road?

A couple caches later, GC23C98 Radium Springs was the next on the list. But finding the way there was easier said than done. The Nüvicam consistently wanted us to drive on roads that didn’t exist. We tried to follow the most logical road instead, and eventually ended up where we had to be.

A quick stop in Texas, and back

After another quick stop, we did a quick detour over the border to Texas to find GC20B1F I-10 East / West Travel Bug Hotel. Then we crossed back into New Mexico, and stopped at the cache at the border, and the first rest area.

Then back to Texas

A couple caches later, we crossed the border back into Texas. And since we love virtual caches, we had to make a stop at the Border Patrol Museum, and GCD8E2 Border Patrol.

Guadalupe Mountains

Along the way to Guadalupe Mountains, we had to stop at GC717FP Point the way. It brought us to what might look like a random concrete arrow – but these were vital navigation aids in the early days of air travel. A very cool stop!

We got a bit confused by the time zones, so we were afraid that we would arrive too late to visit the Guadalupe Mountains National Park Visitor Center. But we arrived well in time before it closed.

Back to New Mexico x 2

After crossing the border to New Mexico, we decided that we wanted to go back and find GC18V69 The Destination. So we ended up crossing the border to Texas once more, and then back into New Mexico again. What a day!

Rattlesnake Springs

The next on the list was GC6D5C Shaketail Crick, which brought us to a remote part of Carlsbad Caverns National Park. This was an oasis in the desert, very colorful and quiet – well worth the quick detour!

Early arrival

We arrived in Whites City much earlier than we thought we would, so we had plenty of time to check out the local area (in this very tiny town).

A quick event

We hosted an event, GC8AEZ3 Meet the Norwegians – in Whites City, and we were the only ones to attend. So it didn’t last longer than the 30 minutes we had put in the listing. But we got to enjoy the sunset, so we can’t complain! And we could walk to the hotel when it was done…


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