US Trip 2019 – Day 18 – Colorful rocks

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The route this day took us from Mt. Carmel to Bryce Canyon City, via Kodachrome Basin State Park. Another great day on the road!

Approximate time on road/out caching:  9 hours, 10 minutes
Total miles driven: 161.4 mi / 259,7 km
Total caches found: 14
Total DNF: 0
States visited: Utah
Famous places visited: Kodachrome Basin State Park, Bryce Canyon National Park
Most memorable cache: GC8ARQQ Meet the Norwegians – thomfre & Heltinnen in Bryce
Biggest surprise: The new earthcache along the way in Bryce Canyon NP
Weather: Sunny, some clouds, some light rain
Highest temperature: 93°F / 33,9°C
Lowest temperature: 55°F / 12,8°C

Not much left to find

We didn’t start as early as usual, since we didn’t have that long to drive this day. We’ve been this way many times before, so there’s not that many caches left for us to find either. So we only had four stops along the way to Kodachrome.


We’ve never been to Kodachrome Basin State Park before, so we had several caches to find here – and the best part was that we got to see a lot of the park by finding them. We also made sure to find the old Utah GeoTour cache, GC10XF4 Kodachrome Basin State Park (the best GeoTour in the world).

The storm is coming

After visiting Kodachrome, we decided to try driving down the dirt road for a couple miles. But it looked like a storm was coming, so we decided to turn around before it was too late. Not worth getting stuck in the mud

Let’s get inspired

A couple caches, and a few miles, later, we arrived in Bryce Canyon National Park. We’ve been in Bryce many times before, so it was nice to finally be able to find some new caches. After stopping at the visitor center, GC7TXGK Inspiration Point was our first planned stop.

Wait, what’s that?

While driving to the next planned cache, we suddenly noticed something strange – an unfound earthcache? How did we miss GC8B35H Bryce Natural Bridge or Arch? 🌎 when planning this trip? No way we could drive past this one without stopping, so we got a nice bonus earthcache find 😀

To the end and back

The last cache in the park, GC7Z82G Rainbow Point Earthcache, was all the way at the end of the road. Construction work made some of the questions harder to answer, but not impossible.

Cleaning time

After checking in at the hotel, we decided to spend some time cleaning the car, and doing some laundry. Both were needed.

Ending the day with an event

The last on the plan for the day, was GC8ARQQ Meet the Norwegians – thomfre & Heltinnen in Bryce. We didn’t expect to see many geocachers here, but we had to try anyway. So it was a nice surprise when we ended up being 6 geocachers in total! A great way to end the day!


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