US Trip 2018 – Day 22 – The Mother Road

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The route this day took us from Las Vegas to Twentynine Palms, via Hoover Dam and Route 66. Beautiful weather all day, and a great day on the road!

Approximate time on road/out caching:  14 hours, 20 minutes
Total miles driven: 331.2 mi / 533 km
Total cahes found: 70
Total DNF: 4
States visited: Nevada, California
Famous places visited: Hoover Dam, Route 66
Most memorable cache: GC7B7E3 A Virtual Reward for a Dam Cool Dog
Biggest surprise: Another FTF today
Weather: Sunny
Highest temperature: 40,5°C / 105°F
Lowest temperature: 23,9°C / 75°F

Early up, again

We left the hotel before 7am again, and arrived at the first cache, GC765E » Luscious «, about half an hour later. A nice thing about starting this early on a Sunday is that most of the muggles are sleeping. No traffic, and no need to be stealthy.

Hoover Dam

The next stop on our plan was GC7B7E3 A Virtual Reward for a Dam Cool Dog, and a visit to the dam itself. We hadn’t booked any tour, since we hoped we would be able to get tickets to the Dam Tour (which can’t be booked in advance).

So we got in line around 15 minutes before they opened, and we managed to get tickets for the first Dam Tour of the day 😀

The first stop was one of the bypass pipes, before we got to see the power plant – the one one the Nevada side. After the power plant, we continued into the dam itself. Looking out from the middle of the dam was a very strange, and awesome, experience! 😀

After the tour, we spent some time walking around, taking lots of pictures, and just enjoying the beautiful weather at this very interesting location.

Boulder City

After a quick stop at the Lake Mead Visitor Center, we continued to Boulder City and the virtual caches there.

Historic cache

The fifth and last virtual cache of the day was GCHAFX Museum Virtual. It’s located at the Clark County Museum, which has a collection of old houses. Once again, a cache brought us to a museum we had no plans to visit. It was interesting walking around there, it almost felt like we stepped back in time.

Wait, what!?

After the museum, we had a long way to drive to the next cache. And it became even longer when we missed the next cache due to the Nüvicam routing us to the backside of the rest area via service roads. When we noticed, we decided it wasn’t worth turning around to go back.

But when we noticed the [Nf] tag on GC7X132 Rested, I decided it was worth turning back to go FTF hunting 😛 The cache was located at a rest area on the wrong side of the interstate, which is why we had to drive past it, turn around and go back. Once we got there, found the cache, and saw the empty log – it was all worth it 😀

Back on Route 66

A couple caches later, we arrived at GC18VTN French Connection. We are back on Route 66! The Mother Road. A road we still haven’t done from start to finish, but we’ve visited both ends, the midpoint and several cool spots along it. And this definitely was another cool spot!

We even got permission to add our own stickers to the collection 😀

We spent the rest of the day finding a couple caches in the Route 66-trail (around 40-50 of them). It was so nice just driving there, finding caches, nice weather, not too hot, no traffic and a beautiful sunset along the way.

It does get dark a lot faster here, so it was pitch black out by the time we made it to the hotel. A long, but very nice day on the road.


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