US Trip 2018 – Day 19 – Where have all the tourists gone

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The route this day took us from Parowan to Kanab, via Cedar City and several GeoTour caches. Another awesome day on the road!

Approximate time on road/out caching:  10 hours, 55 minutes
Total miles driven: 136.6 mi / 219,8 km
Total cahes found: 15
Total DNF: 1
States visited: Utah
Famous places visited: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Most memorable cache: GC7F0R6 Utah GeoTour-Kane-Angel Canyon Sanctuary
Biggest surprise: How cold it was at Cedar Breaks
Weather: Sunny, light clouds
Highest temperature: 29,4°C / 85°F
Lowest temperature: 8,3°C / 47°F

Early bird gets the worm

…unless you get up as early as we did. Most things were closed, and both the hotel breakfast and hotel staff was hiding. Since everything else was closed as well, we had to eat breakfast at the closest gas station.

Along the way to the first cache, we spotted these four legged – were they also looking for breakfast?

To the cold mountains

We were not prepared for the cold temperatures at Brian Head, and Cedar Breaks. We found a couple caches at Brian Head, including the GeoTour cache, before we stopped at Cedar Breaks. The visitor center hadn’t opened yet (so no stamp for us), but at least the view was still awesome!

Alone in the museum

Since we needed another GeoTour cache in Iron, we took the detour to GC5H1KX Utah GeoTour-Iron – Frontier Homestead SP, stopping only at a couple caches along the way.

We got there before opening time, but they were nice enough to let us in early. We had the entire museum to ourselves, and after finding the GeoTour cache, we couldn’t help ourselves. We just had to play a little…

We ended up staying for a lot more than just the GeoTour cache. This was fun and interesting!

Cascade Falls

We had one virtual on the plan today, GCGZNR Cascade Falls. Once again, we parked at an empty parking lot. The trail was all ours! The view was awesome, the weather was nice and we were way ahead of schedule (we really loved looking at the this day 😛 ). The falls at the end wasn’t that spectacular, but the trail itself was, so it’s worth the hike out there!

Hole in the wall

A couple caches later (including another GeoTour cache), we arrived at GCN8TY Mt. Carmel Hole in the Wall. It is, exactly as the name say, a hole in the wall. So we had to walk through it, of course.

Best Friends

The highlight of the day was GC7F0R6 Utah GeoTour-Kane-Angel Canyon Sanctuary, and a tour of the sanctuary. We’ve heard about Best Friends several times before, and wanted to visit for a long time.

Seeing how wonderful all the animals have it here, was nice. Hearing the crazy numbers of how many animals that need help, not so nice. If you’re ever in the area, take the time to join one of the many free tours they offer.

Moqui Cave

We’ve been in this area several times before, and since we’re finally visiting places we should have visited earlier, we did a stop at GC1806J Moki Cave after the sanctuary. We also took the time to explore the inside of the cave. It was interesting hearing the history of the cave, and see all the artifacts in there. Well worth the stop!

Little Hollywood

The last GeoTour cache of the day was GC600FT Utah GeoTour-Kane – Little Hollywood. And just as every other place we’ve visited this day. Kanab was also almost empty. It’s like all the tourists we’re used to see when traveling around these parts of the country (around the same time each year), just decided to not come this year.

We checked in at the hotel, found another cache, got something to eat, and then sat down to watch rragan talk about live on GeoGearHeads episode 348.


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