US Trip 2018 – Day 17 – In the middle of nowhere

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The route this day took us from Salt Lake City to Baker, NV, via a lot of GeoTour caches, and some other nice caches. Another awesome day on the road.

Approximate time on road/out caching:  11 hours, 15 minutes
Total miles driven: 297.7 mi / 479,1 km
Total cahes found: 42
Total DNF: 5
States visited: Utah, Nevada
Famous places visited: Not today
Most memorable cache: GCCCEF Topaz Internment Camp
Biggest surprise: The FTF opportunity we suddenly noticed next to another cache
Weather: Sunny
Highest temperature: 28,9°C / 84°F
Lowest temperature: 16,1°C / 61°F


The first stop of the day was at a cache we’ve had on our plan before. The last time we had GCHVYG Weird & Strange on our list, road work stopped us. But there was no sign of roadwork today 😀

While stopped at a bonus cache (that we ended up at due to taking a wrong turn, oops), we noticed that GC484D6 Cacher of Interest had been unfound since 2013. After taking one quick look at the description, we knew exactly what this was. We just didn’t know how to decode it 😛 We found a safer place to park (like just a few feet from the bonus cache), and spent the next 20-30 minutes attempting to find the solution. We eventually had to just give up, but it was worth the try! The cache has been there since the first time we visited Utah, so maybe it’s still unfound the next time?


A couple caches later, the DNFs started with GC79YB1 KSSKUtah #7, and continued with GC2D574 C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train). We just had to give up several of the caches we had planned along the canal there. But we did find a couple «lonely caches», that was nice 😀


We stopped at some other caches along the road, before arriving in Eureka to do GC79HYG Utah GeoTour-Juab-Eureka Treasure Hunt. I don’t get why we didn’t attempt this cache when we visited Eureka last year, but at least we made the find this time 😀


From Eureka, we continued to Delta, stopping at a few caches along the road. The weather was nice, and traffic low, just as we like it!

We found a couple caches in Delta, stopped for some food and then started on the short detour to GCCCEF Topaz Internment Camp. We have a couple things we should have spotted while planning, GC69PZN Utah GeoTour-Millard – Topaz Relocation Center is one of them. I don’t get how we didn’t see this GeoTour cache right next to the virtual that we had on our plan… We probably would have noticed while there, but I’m glad HikingSeal told us on the event yesterday.

They did what here!?

When planning the trip, I was a bit afraid that the road out to the camp site would be too bad for us to drive on. Mainly because we couldn’t see on StreetView 😛 But the road was great, and we made it to the two caches without any issues. Reading the history here was kinda scary. We did not know things like this happened here! We talk a lot about the dark side of Europe’s history, haven’t heard to much about the dark side over here (there’s always a dark side).


I somehow managed to make the filter too small when transferring caches to the Montana, so we had to stop to transfer a new filter. I’m glad my new laptop has awesome battery capacity 😛

Rocks, rocks and more rocks

We stopped at a lot of caches with various rock names on our way to GC69PYT Utah GeoTour-Millard – Sunstone Knoll Sink Hole. We also found several virtual caches, and an earthcache. Great area to geocache in!

The long way to Baker

We didn’t have more than a couple caches more planned along the way to Baker. There wasn’t any more caches to add either, because this really is in the middle of nowhere. But the scenery was nice, the weather was beautiful and we only met a couple cars along the way.

Which state are we in?

When we arrived at the hotel, it wasn’t easy to know which state we were in – or what the time was. So we just had to assume it was Nevada time, and don’t care 😛 The hotel, named Border Inn, is literally on the border! I think we checked inn in Nevada, and our room is in Utah, maybe. Or maybe it was in Utadah?

Back to the 70s

The room was like a time capsule. Everything except from the TV was really old. But it was relatively clean and functional, and did exactly what we needed it to do. After a nice dinner in the neighboring state, I spent the remainder of the evening adding a new souvenir campaign calculator to


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