US Trip 2018 – Day 16 – From Slide to Salt

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The route this day took us from Layton to Salt Lake City, via a lot of GeoTour caches, and a nice event before sunset. Another awesome day on the road.

Approximate time on road/out caching:  14 hours, 20 minutes
Total miles driven: 120 mi / 193,12 km
Total cahes found: 24
Total DNF: 2
States visited: Utah
Famous places visited: Devil’s Slide, Salt Lake City
Most memorable cache: GC7TGRB Viking Invasion
Biggest surprise: The muggle that turned out to be a geocacher
Weather: Sunny, cloudy
Highest temperature: 29,4°C / 85°F
Lowest temperature: 19,4°C / 67°F

We didn’t try the slide

The first cache on the plan today, was GC6F70D Utah GeoTour-Morgan-Two Devil’s (or at least the first stage). We’ve been to Devil’s Slide before, but that was pre-GeoTour. Now we got to find two caches here 😀 We didn’t attempt the slide down, but we did find both caches.

It didn’t look too good for the GeoTour cache once we got to the second stage, due to a lot of construction work, but the cache was both safe and accessible 😀

That’s not a muggle

After a couple stops in Morgan, we arrived at GC6M5BR Utah GeoTour-Morgan-Round Valley. We thought we had to be careful not to let the muggle that was mowing the lawn see us find the cache, but turned out she wasn’t a muggle 😀 She knew about the cache, because she was a geocacher herself 😀

A few more finds in Morgan

With the Morgan GeoTour requirement completed, we still had a couple caches to find in Morgan. And after finding the last one, we just had to visit the souvenir store around the corner. They had edible «souvenirs» as well… This one was too hard to resist:

A quick walk in the park

The next, and last GeoTour cache of the day, was GC698M8 Utah GeoTour-Davis – Mueller Park. There was a lot of cars outside the park, but almost nobody inside the park. The cache appear to be moved by someone, because the hiding spot didn’t make much sense. But we really love these painted containers! They are so cool!

Capitol Hill

After finding a couple more caches in the park, we continued to Salt Lake City, and Capitol Hill. We hoped that we could pick up some patches at the visitor info center. We were told to come back in 20-30 minutes, so we spent the time finding the nearby caches. Including the new virtual GC7B6W8 Some gave all.

After finding (and not finding) some of the nearby caches, we returned to see if we could pick up the patches – and we could! Wohooo! These patches are so cool 😀

A walk around downtown

Since we enjoy finding virtual caches, GCD2BE Remembering the Volunteers was on our plan today. So we parked downtown, and went on a short walk to the virtual and the other caches in the area.

We also stopped by the colorful rainbow crossing, too bad there’s no cache here.

Worst McDonald’s ever

Since we had time for it, we checked in at our hotel. Earliest check-in of the trip 😛 The room was really good, so we relaxed there for a bit. We also decided to check out the McDonald’s next door, since we were a bit hungry now.

We shouldn’t have. Worst McDonald’s we’ve ever been to. The staff was rude, and couldn’t even get our simple order right (several items missing, cold food etc). This could have been understandable if the place had been busy, but it wasn’t.

Time to be social

We attended an event in Salt Lake City last year, and that event marked the beginning of’s international adventure. So we wanted to host an event ourselves this year. HikingSeal did one better, and hosted one for us 😀

We made sure to be there well in time for the event start (as we always do). HikingSeal was already there, and it didn’t take too long until the rest of the event attendees arrived. Wasn’t that many of us, but as with all small events like this, the quality was high!

Some of the best events we’ve been to, are events like this. And we really enjoyed this! So much that we stayed much longer than we had planned to 😀

Bonus virtual

On the way out of the event, we stopped at a nice bonus virtual, GC7B6NA Joe Hill Lives!. Once again, a virtual cache brought us to a place most people will never notice.

Another walk around downtown

After the event, we returned to the hotel. We parked the car, and started another walk around downtown. We had a couple caches we wanted to find, and another attraction we wanted to visit. We almost got lost inside the parking lot of GC5JA50 Share a ton (fences everywhere), but we made it out before any security guards came to chase us away 😛

The goal of this short walk was You are here, which I guess could be called street (sign) art.

That was the end of the walk, and it was time to turn around and head back to the hotel – after a long day outside.


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