US Trip 2018 – Day 12 – On the road again

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The route this day took us from Bryce Canyon to Price, via a lot of GeoTour caches. Another day with mostly great weather and lots of beautiful scenery.

Approximate time on road/out caching:  12 hours, 10 minutes
Total miles driven: 396.3 mi / 637,78 km
Total cahes found: 50
Total DNF: 3
States visited: Utah
Famous places visited: Manderfield (should have been famous)
Most memorable cache: GC19X2B Manderfield and Philo Farnsworth
Biggest surprise: The amount of bonus caches we managed to find, and still get to the hotel before sunset
Weather: Sunny, light clouds, light rain
Highest temperature: 31,1°C / 88°F
Lowest temperature: 8,3°C / 47°F

It’s cold in Bryce

We’ve been to Bryce several times before, so it didn’t come as a surprise that it was cold when we got out at around 7am. So we finished packing the car, checked out and started driving towards warmer places.

It didn’t take long for the temperature to rise, and with the beautiful weather we had now, we really had nothing to complain about.

The birthplace of a man almost nobody’s heard of

The third stop of the day was GC19X2B Manderfield and Philo Farnsworth. Philo’s invention has affected so many of us, yet very few know who he was and what he did. But we know, and that’s why we find this old sign worth the detour from the interstate.

Caches everywhere

We’ve been driving a lot in areas with little to no caches at all the last days. So when we got to GC69PY9 Utah GeoTour-Millard – Adelaide Campground, which is surrounded by a lot of caches, we just had to spend some time finding as many as possible of them. We know ourselves good enough to put most of them on our plan 😛

Yuba Lake

The next GeoTour cache brought us to GC5Y6NF Utah GeoTour-Juab – Yuba Lake State Park, where we found some other nice caches as well. Not sure why we haven’t found this one before, it’s not very far from the interstate – where we drove past last year.

Almost there

We only stopped at a handful of caches along the way from Yuba Lake to Carbonville. It’s not very far from Carbonville to Price, where our hotel for the night was, but we still had some caches left to find! So first we had to visit GC5HMPW Utah GeoTour-Carbon – Pinnacle Park Fairgrounds.

We started noticing some light rain when we left the fairgrounds, but it didn’t last long. The weather was perfect again by the time we got to GC5HMR2 Utah GeoTour-Carbon – Cowboy Go Bang, Bang!.

The fluffy muggle

On our way to Elmo, to find GCJ3YW Help Elmo, we noticed this fluffy little muggle running around. We’ve never seen a skunk before, and never smelled one either. Luckily for us (?), we only got to see this one 😛

The road to nowhere

GCJ500 Desert Lake and the other nearby caches, brought us out on the road to nowhere. We were a bit afraid that the road would be bad, given all the rain that we’ve seen. But it was way better than we had expected based on the cache description.

The sunny side

The last GeoTour cache of the day was GC5HMR8 Utah GeoTour-Carbon – Sunnyside Coke Ovens. And yes, it was sunny here 😛 Most of the caches we’ve found today, has been in areas with little or no muggles at all. This place was no difference, only a couple muggles out riding their ATV.

We made it!

We had a very ambitious plan, and the estimated time of arrival at the hotel was closer to 11pm. But somehow, we managed to find 12 bonus caches, and still arrive before 8pm! It was almost the exact same the last time we were in this area, we felt we had too many caches planned, but still managed to find them all.

We had to replace the mount for our Nüvicam at the start of the trip, and got new parts sent to the hotel in Parachute. Now we picked up a new mount for the Montana at the hotel in Price. Hope nothing else breaks on this trip…


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