US Trip 2017 – Day 27 – Going home

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This is the last day of this trip, and we’re flying home from Denver International Airport (via Reykjavik). But first we took a trip to our usual pre-flight-caching-area in Denver.

Approximate time on road/out caching: 5 hours
Total miles driven: 57.1 mi / 91,9 km
Total cahes found: 49
Total DNF: 5
States visited: Colorado
Famous places visited: Denver Airport
Most memorable cache: GC5E9B Mondo’s Bug Hotel (last cache)
Biggest surprise: Getting the money back from Hertz without any issues
Weather: Sunny
Highest temperature: 90°F / 32,2°C
Lowest temperature: 75°F / 23,8°C
Roadwork: Yes


We checked out of the hotel, cleaned and loaded the car and then we hit the road. And yep, we didn’t get very far before we hit roadwork. Now we can finally say that we’ve been affected by roadwork every single day of this trip 😛

But the roadwork didn’t stop us, and we found GC5FGPF Bucket Full Of Camo 😀

Around the airport

We’ve cached in the area around the airport every time we’ve visited Denver. But there’s still a lot of caches left for us to find. We had some on our plan today, and ended up finding even more. A nice way to end a very long and epic vacation.

Airport business park

We finished the caching day with the caches at the airport business park. And found quite a few there as well. The last cache of the trip, was GC5E9B Mondo’s Bug Hotel.

Rental return

While in Glacier National Park, I spoke with Hertz on the phone regarding a doubling of the rental price. They couldn’t help us then. So when we delivered the car, we were charged more than double the guaranteed price…

I went inside, and after figuring out who I should talk to, it didn’t take more than a couple minutes before she understood my problem, acknowledged the error and tell me it would be fixed. Awesome! It did take a while, but that was because she wanted to make it 100% correct. Saving more than 900$ at the end of a long trip like this really puts a smile on your face! So even though it’s always sad to leave, and the trip to the airport usually is kinda depressing, this helped a lot!

Off to Reykjavik

We had a couple hours to spend in the airport, and they went by as quickly as they’ve never done before. Suddenly we’re on the plane, and off to Reykjavik…


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