US Trip 2017 – Day 25 – Back to Colorado

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The route this day took us from Evanston, Wyoming to Fraser, Colorado. A couple virtual caches, a couple earthcaches and the last two new counties on this trip.

Approximate time on road/out caching: 12,5 hours
Total miles driven: 390.5 mi / 628,4 km
Total cahes found: 25
Total DNF: 3
States visited: Wyoming, Colorado
Famous places visited: none
Most memorable cache: GCJ828 EXPEDITION ISLAND
Biggest surprise: Meeting other cachers at GCJ828
Weather: Sunny, rain
Highest temperature: 84°F / 28,9°C
Lowest temperature: 46°F / 7,8°C
Roadwork: Yes

A late start

Since we arrived so late the the hotel yesterday, we decided to sleep a bit longer this day. And we didn’t leave until 9am. We started with a few caches in Evanston. This is the third time we’re visiting Evanston, but we haven’t found that many of the caches here.

A quick detour

We did a quick detour from I-80 to visit the virtual cache GCGTAC Muddy Creek. We also found a bonus challenge, and DNF-ed the traditional nearby the virtual.

Let’s go on an expedition

A few caches later, we arrived at Expedition Island, for the virtual cache GCJ828 EXPEDITION ISLAND. At first we didn’t understand much, and had no clue how to get the information we needed. But then tjheath62 and the 3 caballeros showed up. And together we managed to find everything we needed. We had a very enjoyable walk around the area! It’s always nice to meet other cachers, and even better when we can work together to solve a cache!

Before we left Green River, we also stopped at GC1C9X9 Rock On!. We haven’t found as much earthcaches as we would like on this trip, so we at least had to stop at this one.

The frontage road is for geocachers

And since we hadn’t found as many earthcaches as we would like, we also had to do the next on on our plan. And that was GC18MJ9 Wind Holes, along the frontage road. Frontage roads often have less superior quality, and lower speed limits, but they sure have a lot more caches than the interstate 😉

A few stops later, it was time to leave I-80 and head south. The last cache we stopped at in Wyoming, GCTH8W Summer Fun, was at an old rail railroad car.

Crossing the border

We eventually made it to the border, and crossed a state border for the last time on this trip. Colorado is the last state on this trip. We had planned to find a cache here, but sadly it got archived before we left home. And no new has been placed sine. But we stopped anyway, gotta have those state sign photos! 😀

We just had to stop

We didn’t get much further, until we had to stop again. Just had to take some photos of the way the sun was shining over the mountains. And a bonus was that we could also find the cache we stopped at, GC28DZJ Buzz’s Road Side History #1 – Walden.

The next cache we stopped at, GC42HQC Walden #1, was another railroad car.

We also spotted this nice fox along the way. He didn’t say much though, so we still wonder, what does the fox say?

Food’n cache

A couple caches later, we arrived at GC31CV8 Molly’s Cactus. And by now we realized that we wouldn’t get to Fraser until it was late. So if we wanted food, we should probably eat at the establishment right next to this cache. So we did.

After food’n cache, we only had one more on the plan. And that was the cache closest to the hotel. Which ended with a DNF…


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