US Trip 2017 – Day 24 – Through the desert

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The route this day took us from Winnemucca, Nevada to Evanston, Wyoming. We spent most of the time on I-80, but did a few detours to grab some Utah GeoTour-caches.

Approximate time on road/out caching: 15 hours
Total miles driven: 490 mi / 788,6 km
Total cahes found: 19 (+1 challenge that we didn’t qualify for)
Total DNF: 2
States visited: Nevada, Utah, Wyoming
Famous places visited: Bonneville Salt Flats
Most memorable cache: GC6BA9G Utah GeoTour-Tooele-Wendover Airfield
Biggest surprise: The museum at Wendover Airfield
Weather: Sunny
Highest temperature: 91°F / 32,8°C
Lowest temperature: 52°F / 11,1°C
Roadwork: Yes

A slow start

Compared to previous days when we’ve had this long to drive, we started late this day. And we even spent some time in Winnemucca before leaving.

Let’s just get to the border

We did have a few caches planned before reaching the Nevada-Utah border. But we decided to skip some of them, and concentrate on those close to I-80, and mainly those we needed for new counties. And the virtual cache GC3B0C Emigrant Trail 1.

The first cache of the day was GC60VF1 What’s Cook’n Museum. We only stopped at 7 caches in total before reaching the border. Two of them ended with DNF.

Wendover Airfield

The first cache we stopped in after crossing the border and jumping one hour forward in time, was GC6BA9G Utah GeoTour-Tooele-Wendover Airfield. Before we even got to the cache, we had to explore this old airplane. Awesome! 😀

We eventually also found the cache, bought some souvenirs (they had a very nice (non-geo)coin) and checked out the museum inside. We were told that we should check out the other museum across the street as well. So we did.

And we did not regret. Not huge museums, but a lot of history!

Salt, salt everywhere!

After visiting the airfield, we decided to do a quick stop at the Bonneville Speedway. We found the cache there several years ago, during the speed week!

Not too much people here this time. So we decided to drive a bit out, so we could get out and see how it was. This really is something different than any other place we’ve been with a car before.

We stopped to find GCFA1C The World’s Fastest Cache along the way back. We did not attempt to set any speed records 😛

Tooele County

While planning this trip, we realized that we could get all the three caches we needed in Tooele County, just by doing a short detour to Grantsville to grab the last two remaining (after the Wendover Airfield). A nice bonus was the three virtual caches we also got to find 😀

The next GeoTour-cache was GC6EY2D Utah GeoTour-Tooele- Donner and Reed museum. And we stumbled upon some kind of wedding photography. So we waited until they were done 😛

The last one, GC6EXB5 Utah GeoTour-Tooele-Benson Grist Mill, took us through some really tall grass.

Summit County

We did a quick stop at GC40B65 CAU-Salt Lake Co Redo (we also collect CAU-caches), and GC39E98 The Steaks Challenge – Attribute This(Utah) before we continued to Summit County. Turned out that we didn’t qualify for the challenge. We used checkers found in previous logs, sadly none of them cared about reading the requirements 🙁

We had one GeoTour-code in Summit from last year, and we had two more planned this year. We thought. But turned out the last one was a new version of the one we found last year. So we had to find one more, in addition to visiting the replacement, of course.

The first we stopped at, which we had planned anyway, was GC66YTP Utah GeoTour-Summit-Ding, Dong! Cacher Calling. Even though it started to get late when we arrived, the parking lot was almost completely full. The cache wasn’t hard to find, but it was much fun!

Let’s tour Kamas!

We figured that GC6H139 Utah GeoTour-Summit-Tour de Kamas would give us the shortest detour on this already long day. The cache got a warning in the description after our visit:

Since several of the stages are current homes in addition to being historic sites, before doing this cache in the dark, please consider how you would feel about a strange car stopping in front of your house so the people in the car can stare at your home.

It was dark when we toured Kamas (it was our choice to do this cache). And we did have some trouble locating one of the stages. We did contact the cache owner for help. But we were also very careful not to park in front of and stare at houses. At one of the stages, one that’s not even in front of any house, a neighbor came running out towards us with a flashlight when we continued to the next stage. I was almost certain that we would get to meet the local Police officers later. But we didn’t.

What we however did, was to find the awesome final location. It was so much fun, that we had to do it twice. Might also have had to do it twice since we forgot to write down the code after the first try… Even if we did have some problems along the way, we had fun! And we have now completed 15 Utah GeoTour counties! 😀

It’s getting late

By the time we left Kamas, it was starting to get late. We had all the codes we needed for Summit now, but we still had to visit GC73Q3A Utah GeoTour-Summit- Wash Your CacheMobile. And I agree with the initial log. The old cache was fun, but the new one is better! And I really like the painted containers in this GeoTour!

We stopped at one more cache nearby, and then it was time to get to the hotel. We arrived in Evanston around 11:30pm, so we made it before midnight!


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