US Trip 2017 – Day 23 – The road through nowhere

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The route this day took us from Klamath Falls, Oregon to Winnemucca, Neavada. Mostly on desolate roads, with few caches and almost no muggles around. We also spent a few hours on the Oh I wish I was in Dixie series.

Approximate time on road/out caching: 13 hours
Total miles driven: 355 mi / 571,3 km
Total cahes found: 103
Total DNF: 17
States visited: Oregon, Nevada
Famous places visited: none
Most memorable cache: GCGGAF Welcome Home!
Biggest surprise: How much time we had left to find more caches when we reached Winnemucca
Weather: Mostly sunny, some clouds
Highest temperature: 95°F / 35°C
Lowest temperature: 61°F / 16°C
Roadwork: Yes

A couple virtual caches before we leave

Before leaving Klamath Falls completely, we made sure to stop at GC406B IN MEMORY OF and GC406A GAP AND FORD. The virtual caches we skipped yesterday will have to wait until next time we’re in the area.

The long way to Nevada

We had a long way ahead of us. A long way with low amount of caches, or other things to see along the way. At least the scenery was beautiful!

As with every other day on this trip (including the day we left home in Norway), we encountered roadwork. They are improving the roads we’re using, so we shouldn’t really complain. And we didn’t do that very much either. It became a thing we laughed about instead, how we always ended up in the roadwork. Making something like this, into something you can laugh about instead, actually does help.

There’s not that many caches to find along this road, and we didn’t plan on finding them all either. But we did make sure to stop at the earthcache GC23CK7 Lakeview Geyser. We waited for a while, but we didn’t witness any eruptions…

We eventually made it to the border. And yep, we had the cache there on our list. State signs are still something we «collect».

Park’n grab

We still had some miles to cover, before we got to Winnemucca. And since we already had found most the caches we had planned, we didn’t have many left to find. And we hadn’t used very much time either.

Some caches are easier than others, like the one we found without leaving the car. We do this for fun sometimes, often with success, often with less success (leaving us hanging halfway out the window). But it’s always fun! 😀

A quick stop in Winnemucca

We arrived in Winnemucca a lot earlier than we had feared, and about as early as we had hoped. We wanted to give the Oh I wish I was in Dixie series a try. But first we had to stop at  GCGGAF Welcome Home! Another virtual cache. We are almost certain that another geocacher was there. But by the time we got around to actually ask him, we saw the travel bug on the back of his car as he left. Fun anyway 😀

Finding a few caches

Since we had enough time to attempt a few caches in the Oh I wish I was in Dixie series, we decided to do that. We drove down to GC60NW0 Oh I wish I was in Dixie 949 (stopping at one other along the way down), and started there.

The weather was perfect, the scenery was beautiful and in the three hours we spent there we only saw 11 cars. We found a lot of caches, and also DNFed some.

Some people hate power trails, we enjoy doing them. At least when we don’t do it too often. And finding caches out here, in this weather, with almost no muggles around, that was very relaxing. Not physically (as you may see from the video below), but mentally. It’s a nice way to disconnect from the real world for a while.

We found a total of 87 caches in the trail, and DNFed 15. We stopped just around sunset, and headed back towards Winnemucca.

When in Nevada…

After checking in to our hotel, we went out for a short walk, to check out the closest casino. While in Nevada… We’re no gamblers, not even close. But it’s fun to just try.


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