US Trip 2017 – Day 14 – Pony Express

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We had planned a very long route this day, with a lot of letterbox hybrid caches. But since the Pony Express trail was so good yesterday, we decided to scrap almost the entire plan, and attempt to find more of the Pony Express instead. We also found a few virtual caches.

Approximate time on road/out caching: 14 hours
Total miles driven: 238.7 mi / 384 km
Total cahes found: 162
Total DNF: 4
States visited: Utah
Famous places visited: None
Most memorable cache: GC360E Lookout Pass Pet Cemetery
Biggest surprise: That we managed to forget the virtual cache that was closest to the hotel
Weather: Sunny
Highest temperature: We forgot to write it down, but it was hot
Lowest temperature: We forgot to write it down, but it was hot
Roadwork: Yes

Back to the Pony Express!

After thinking a bit since leaving the Pony Express trail yesterday, we decided to start there today. We decided to stop for some gas before starting, and then we were ready!

We did the first part, from GC48490 Pony Express #1 – Patee House – Missouri to GC48E50 Pony Express #127 – East Canyon – Utah with only one DNF and three caches that wasn’t a part of the trail. We did the first part in about five and a half hour.


Most were easy, but some were a bit harder. The speed varied a bit, and we also lost some time to discussions on Facebook, both today and yesterday (due to conflicts back home).

Back where we left

After 127, we continued to GC49B1T Pony Express #183 – Salt Wells – Nevada, which is the next cache after the last one yesterday.

The road quality got a bit worse, and by the time we got to GC49B3J Pony Express #200 – Yank’s – California, we decided to turn around and continue with the virtual caches on the plan. But first we found a bonus virtual, after number 200 😀 GC360E Lookout Pass Pet Cemetery. Too bad we didn’t notice the really old cache nearby…

There wasn’t much traffic on this road, but the majority of the people driving here, stopped to ask if we needed help. That’s nice when we’re driving on roads like this.

More bonus-caches

Since we scrapped most of our plan, most caches today are «bonus caches», which is what we call caches that aren’t on our plan.

Time to find some virtual caches

We spent the rest of the day finding mostly virtual caches in and around Fountain Green and Moroni. It’s very nice getting of the interstate, and drive on the smaller roads. Almost no traffic and almost no muggles at the caches. Perfect for geocachers!

The large that wasn’t

We didn’t do much more than the virtual caches on the plan. But we had a few challenge caches, a large cache and a virtual we wanted to find. We did some shopping, and then we ended up only finding the large cache, which wasn’t a large cache at all… After logging DNFing GC4TN7T Takk (which is Norwegian for «Thank you») we forgot all about the virtual… Guess we’ll have to come back for that one next year!

We ended up finding a lot less caches than planned today as well, about 108 less… But it was still a great day!


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