US Trip 2016 – A visit to Music City

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This year we started out trip in Nashville, after flying from Norway through Copenhagen and Toronto.

Tracklog - A visit to Music City

We picked up an almost brand new car (driven less than 300 miles), and headed almost straight to the Kentucky border. We just had to do a detour to some virtual caches first.

By the time we made it to the border, the weather started looking a bit threatening. But no rain, yet.

Kentucky Welcome Center

Since we’ve never tried eating at KFC before, we figured we had to try while we were in Kentucky! After doing that, we went to shop some supplies for the road trip ahead of us. And then the rain started…

But rain while shopping isn’t too bad, and we only had to walk to the car. We skipped the last caches we had planned, and headed straight to the hotel.

The weather was much better the next day, and we got an early start on the way to Nashville. So early that we managed to find the webcam and the virtual caches around Vanderbilt prior to a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, instead of after as originally planned.

The Parthenon

Since we visited Antique Archaeology in LeClaire, Iowa last year, we made sure to visit Antique Archaeology in Nashville as well.

Antique Archaeology

Discovering the Nashville Dog while finding a cache was a nice surprise. A lot less famous than the Chicago Dog, but very tasty!

Nashville Dog

We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and did the tour of the Historic RCA Studio B.Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

After visiting the museum. we spent some hours walking around finding some virtual caches. We might have underestimated the distances and the heat a bit, but we eventually made it back to the car. Just in time to get stuck in traffic.

We eventually made it out of Nashville, and towards Cookeville, where we had booked a hotel. We just had to stop at a few more virtual caches along the way…

Read the summary of our trip here

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