US Trip 2015 – Yellowstone

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Last year we visited the lower half of the Grand Loop Road in Yellowstone, this year we wanted to do the upper half.

We started the day with breakfast with a nice view at Wapiti Lodge, the same place as we stayed last year (but then we stayed here on the way out of Yellowstone).

View from the breakfast table

Last year when we drove out of the park, it was late and very dark. So we found a few of the earthcaches we had to skip then now instead. About an hour or so after starting, we arrived at the entrance to the park. We also enjoy being tourists some times, so we had to stop to get a photo at the sign.

Entering Yellowstone NP

Yellowstone has rich animal life, and we had to stop for bisons crossing the road several times.

We did an earthcache along the road, but the first major stop of the day was the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Yellowstone Falls. We did a few virtuals and an earthcache, and took lots of photos of the awesome views! We managed to mess up on both a virtual and the earthcache, so we had to do them twice. But we didn’t mind spending a few minutes extra here!

Lower Yellowstone Falls

The sun was really bright, so we just had to buy some hats at one of the general stores along the way. That really helped!

We continued towards Mammoth, finding earthcaches and virtuals along the road, including some detours. We spent a lot of time in Mammoth, trying to find all the caches there. Hiking to GCJKAB Yellowstone Forever in the heat was exhausting – but we made it! And the view from up there was awesome!

View from the top

After getting back down, and resting for a few minutes, we continued towards the terraces. Yellowstone really is a fascinating place!

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces

After visiting a few more earthcaches and virtuals, we continued down towards Norris. We stopped for a cache at Sheepeater Cliff, and decided to sit down and have something to eat as well. Compared to the rest of the park, that really was a nice and quiet spot!

Trying to get the answers right

We continued down towards Norris, and we had a few earthcaches planned along the road. But we suddenly realized that we could just forget those earthcaches… There was road work going on right where two of the caches were, and we had to wait around 20 minutes before we were allowed to drive through the work zone.

Road work

By the time we arrived at Norris Geyser Basin, it had already started to get quite dark. So we decided to skip the rest of the caches there as well, and concentrate on getting to Steamboat. We hoped to see an eruption, but just like we also hope to win in lotteries, it didn’t happen… But it’s still fun to have been there!


By the time we made it out of the park, it was too dark to find any more caches. It was a good thing that we had booked a hotel in West Yellowstone, so we didn’t have to drive any further.

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