US Trip 2014 – Long distance FTF and a milestone

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This part of the trip was from Springdale to Richfield.

We joked about checking if there was any unfound caches nearby. When we discovered two newly published, and unfound, caches in Kanab, we just had to give it a try! It was a huge detour, in the wrong direction, but who cares about that!

As usual when we’re on a FTF-hunt, it took forever to get to Kanab! And every car is a potential competitor! But we made it, to the first cache, GC5BTNN Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?. We found the cache within seconds, but couldn’t find any log! So we logged a NM and emailed the owner. While waiting for an answer, we continued to GC5AN03 Power To The People.

We kept following the hint instead of the GPSr, and that didn’t work very well. Once we followed the coordinates, it didn’t take many seconds to find the cache – and open it to check the log. It was blank! FTF @ 10:04, 4891.25 miles (7871,7 km) away from home! AdventureMikes TravelBug got to join in on the selfie.


After replacing the cache, we went back to the other cache. After waiting for a few minutes more, to see if we got any answer, or another cacher came by, we decided to fix the cache. We added a log, did some improvements, and claimed the FTF @ 10:40.

The Nüvi claimed it was shorter to drive over the Arizona border, but we wanted to take the drive through Zion once more instead. Even though we used several hours extra on the FTF-hunt (totally worth it), we decided to use even more time to find a few extra virtuals in Hurricane.

We found a few caches along the road to the I-70 intersection, and had planned to find a mini-trail (24 caches) on the frontage road near Sulphurdale. We found the earthcache here and the trail leading to Cove Fort last year, but this trail wasn’t published then.

I did some adjustments to the GPSr layout in the car, to make navigating to the caches in the trail a bit easier. The Montana took the place of the Nüvi, and the Nüvi got to sit in front of the built-in display. Had to put some duct tape on it once we started driving.

Ready to navigate

After finding a few of the caches in the trail, we hit a milestone – our US find number 1000 (excluding lab caches) was GC4TAEG Kurrajong.

1000 US finds

We spent about 1 hour and 1 minute to complete all the caches, and we found every single one of them! The weather was beautiful, not a muggle around and the only noises we could hear were the ones we made ourselves. It almost felt like we had the whole world to ourselves. Caching in Utah is special.

After finishing the trail, the next stop was GC9984 Fremont Indian State Park. We arrived at the park around 10 minutes before closing time, but we were still allowed in. We didn’t even have to pay. Utah State Parks rock!

We found an earthcache, a couple letterbox hybrids and some more virtuals before arriving in Richfield. We even got time to do a detour to find a extra virtual.

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