US Trip 2014 – First days in Seattle

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We arrived in Seattle late on Monday, and went almost straight to bed. That probably didn’t make the jetlag any better, we woke up around half past four the next morning…

Prior to leaving Norway, we ordered a new stamp with both our names and adjustable date on. Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive in our local post office until the day we arrived in Seattle. But, we ordered a second stamp, with delivery to our hotel. The stamp was waiting for us when we arrived – perfect!

Since we’ve been in Seattle twice before, we’ve found a lot of the easy downtown caches and caches around Seattle Center. We made sure to solve a few mystery caches. Tuesday was spent walking around, finding two mysteryes and attending the GC58QPQ Jetlag?! event. We got stuck in traffic on our way towards the event, and ended up just picking a random road and driving in a northern direction. It worked, and we managed to get to the event only a few minutes after start.

After the event, we went down to the waterfront and took a ride on the ferris wheel. We witnessed the opening two years ago, and we didn’t ride it then or last year, so it was about time now!


On Wednesday we went to the Museum of Flight, a real interesting museum! It’s not everyday I can say that I’ve walked in the cargo bay of a Space Shuttle (trainer) and walked through Air Force One (a real one)! For the third year in a row, we were going to eat in the Space Needle. Since we had a few hours left until our reservation, we decided to try GC3J328 seattle center art tour. We managed to find all the answers in time, but decided to do the calculations on the top of the Needle, and go find the cache before we went back to the hotel.


I managed to do the calculations wrong a few times, before I finally got it right. The cache was quickly found, and then it was time to head back to the hotel, and get to bed.

On Thursday we had planned to log three webcam caches, but since the first was pointing the wrong way, we only found two. GCH3NT Phatboyz…Go Dogz in Tacoma, and GCKA5Q Morton LoggerCam! in Morton. On our way down towards Morton, we stopped only at a few caches, the rest we had planned to take on the way back towards Tacoma.

We managed to find a lot more than planned, since we started so early today (a positive side effect of jetlag). After finding some caches in Morton, in addition to the webcam, we turned around and headed back north.


After a lot of stops, we arrived at the CITO-event GC59DYC Cito at the Park. Not much trash left in the park, but we managed to find some pieces. After the event, we headed straight back to the hotel, we need to get some rest while we can.


During our previous visits to Seattle, we’ve had beautiful weather – and could not understand why everyone was saying that it always rains in Seattle. This time started no different for us, we arrived to beautiful and hot weather. But it quickly changed into what people said, and we never experienced before. The first days was filled with clouds and light rain – still hot though. But it wasn’t that bad.

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