US Trip 2014 – A Grand Day

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Today we’re driving from Prescott to Page, with a stop in Williams to attend an event, a stop in Grand Canyon and a stop at Horseshoe Bend. Since we visited Grand Canyon last year, we’ve already found a lot of the caches along the way.

Since we had to be in Williams 10am, we only found a few caches between Prescott and Williams. But we took the time to find a earthcache at Watson Lake.

Watson Lake

We got to the event, GC5ARDV Short Notice «Meet and Greet» Williams, about 5 minutes after it officially started. It turned out to be a great event, and it was small enough that we got to talk to everyone there! When AdventureMike came walking towards us, I immediately recognized him from countless pictures I have seen in caches in the area. He gave us a brand new travel bug (TB603HM) which we will bring on a few adventures, before leaving him in a cache somewhere in the world. It was very nice to meet all of you at the event, I’m glad we took the time to attend!

After the event, we went to find a mystery cache we solved last year, GC2CJJH Radiator Springs. On our way to Grand Canyon, we also found GC25K2M Yabba Dabba Doo, which we DNFed last year. That’s two «mistakes» from last year corrected! We only found one more cache on our way towards Grand Canyon, and nothing more before we arrived at Horseshoe Bend.

But we still did a lot of stops, at Grand Canyon and viewpoints along the road.

Grand Canyon

After spending some time in Grand Canyon, it was time to head towards Page. We managed to get to the parking lot of Horseshoe Bend early enough to have time enough to spend some time there. The hike to the bend wasn’t nearly as hard as I had feared, and before we knew it, we were there. This place is simply amazing! We took lots of photos, and walked around in the area to get different angles for the photos.

Horseshoe Bend

The hike back was a bit harder, but not much. Since we still had some time before sunset, we decided to head to the Utah border, to visit Lone Rock Beach. We got so confused from driving around on the edge of Navajo Nation and the state border, that we just gave up figuring out which time zone we were in.

Lone Rock Beach may be known to Dr. Who fans as Lake Silencio, which is why we wanted to go there. A picture posted in a log at a cache near the road to Lone Rock Beach showed what we know as «Lake Silencio», and the log explained where it was. After doing some googling, we even got a set of coordinates!

There was no way we could drive the rental onto the beach, so we parked in the parking lot, and walked. It was only 0.75mi / 1,2km to walk… It started okay, but as the sand got looser and looser, walking got harder and harder! Still glad we didn’t drive though, would have been worse to get stuck there with the car.

But we did it! We got to Lake Silencio before dusk, and we got some awesome photos!

Lake Silencio

We decided to walk along the beach on the way back, since the sand was a bit harder there. That was a lot easier! As the sun disappeared further and further away, the colors of the sand changed almost every second – simply amazing.

Lone Rock Beach

Before heading back to Page, we found the cache that lead us to Lake Silencio, GC1DE6T Cache Trucker Stop #13 HEH, HEH, HEH. A very clever hide, definitely worth the stop!

We stopped at Walmart to get some supplies on our way back, and found a cache in the parking lot. Tired from all the time travelling, we went to the hotel and got to bed (still not knowing which time zone we were in).

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