Geocaching in Belgium and the Netherlands

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Early morning April 11th we flew down to Brussels together with BEKA21 and amk123, mainly to attend the mega event GC3Q1BP Brugse Beer III, but also to do a lot of geocaching before the event!

Our first goal this day was to find the oldest cache in Belgium, GC40 – with the very appropriate name «Geocache», which I guess was a good name when it was placed.

After we successfully found the cache, which also surprisingly enough was our first find in Belgium, we started on our next goal – geocaching in 6 different countries in one day!

When the first day was over we found ourselves in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. After a real long drive, through Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands, we managed to complete our goal! Including Norway we found caches in 6 different countries that day!

We spent the entire next day driving from Eindhoven to Bruges – the trip from Brussels to Bruges should take two hours, we used two days! We visited a lot of earthcaches, which turned out to be quite tricky – because all information signs were in Dutch! Luckilly we were able to read enough of it to understand what the sign was trying to tell us. The most memorable earthcache was GC2CJZ2 Fossiele haaientanden, we had to find a fosil shark tooth on the beach before we could claim it as found! (Yes, we did find one)

On Saturday, the day before the mega event, we went to Gent to set a new record – as many Letterbox Hybrid caches in one day as possible. Our goal was at least three, so we could qualify to a new challenge back home. Some were easy, some were hard and a few was missing. We managed to find a total of 6 Letterbox Hybrid caches, twice the requirement of the challenge.

The entire Sunday was spent on the mega event, and supporting events, in Bruges. We met ingsve and Hofstad on the event, and together we found one of the new multi caches.

When we parked the rental car on the airport in Brussels on Sunday, we had driven over 1 200 kilometers!

A huge thanks to the event hosts and all cache owners, this was fun! And thanks to BEKA21 and amk123 for the trip!

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