A weekend in Vienna

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This weekend I visited Vienna on a team building trip with work. And while there, I had to use the opportunity to find some caches – and even cross the border and attend a mega event in Bratislava.

More than expected

After a nice flight to Vienna, I managed to sneak in a couple cache finds before dinner. After dinner, a colleague joined me on a walk around the city center. We ended up walking a bit further than I had planned, finding some of the caches I had planned for Saturday.

Even though it was dark by the time we started, we had no issues finding any of the caches. Vienna is a beautiful city both day and night! A nice bonus was when we found ourselves in the middle of «Night skate» (or something like that). Very colorful!

Bratislava next

After a couple hours sleep, I got up early to take the train to Bratislava. Two colleagues joined me on this morning trip. We had enough time both to attend the mega event, GC7TVVA Kešeriáda 2019, find some caches near the event and take the tram down to the city center.

We even managed to make it back to Vienna to meet up with the rest of the group before the program for the day started.

Hot Rod sightseeing

The main attraction of the day, was a «sightseeing tour» with Vienna Hot Rods. It was super awesome! It felt a bit like driving a go cart in the city streets. We didn’t see much, but we had so much fun!

A webcam for lunch

On Sunday, the last day of this trip, I decided to take the tram up to the webcam cache GCMCX5 Fritzicam Donauradweg. After finding the webcam, and the other cache nearby, I took the tram back towards the city center. I decided it was time to try one of the electric scooters that were spread out all across the city, and wow – that was a real fun way to get from A to B!

A quick stop at the castle

It was eventually time to head to the airport, but first we stopped at the Schönbrunn Palace, and I got to find GC7B6JJ Palace of Schoenbrunn as the last cache on this trip. It was raining, but the place was still full of tourists…

A short bus ride, and a couple flights, later, I arrived back home in Norway. 25 caches in total, on a non-caching trip – not bad!

Curious about which caches I found? You can see all of them in my trip report on cachetur.no, which you can find here.

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