Wooden coins – make your own signature items!

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Signature items can be fun, both to make, collect and leave in caches. In this short post, I’ll share some details about one of the types we have in our personal collection.

One of our own signature items, is the small wooden discs you see below. Very cheap and easy to make. It’s just a wooden disc that we’ve stamped with one of our stamps. We made this mostly as a test.

We ordered the wooden discs on eBay, a search on “wood disc” gives you plenty of options. It’s difficult to get it much easier than this. Just order some wood discs you think will work, or make your own. Then you simply stamp them with your geocaching stamp (or sign them).

Wood burning pen or other tools

If you don’t want to stamp or sign, you can use a wood burning pen. Or you can use various embossing tools. It’s your signature item, make it personal! 🙂

Add color

An alternative to all of the above, is “thermal transfer”. You can do that at home by simply printing a mirrored picture (with a laser printer). Then you place the piece of paper on the wood. Apply heat with an iron, in smooth and calm movements. Make sure no to let the iron sit for too long in one spot, to avoid burning the paper. It’s also important to properly sand the surface, so you’re applying the design to a perfectly smooth surface.

Wooden nickles and CWG

Another option is to order this from someone that does this professionally. Wooden nickles are something we often find when caching in the US, but not outside. CWG, Czech Wood Geocoin, is really popular in Europe.

There’s also a lot of other materials you can order in (plastic nickles etc). These are often used for advertisement, and there are loads of options if you do some searching on google.

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