Why you should do the Visit Utah GeoTour

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After listening to the interview about the Utah GeoTour on PodCacher episode 590.0, and hearing my name, I just had to write a bit about the Visit Utah GeoTour.

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting Utah four times already, and we’re going back in August. Last year, we completed our goal of finding at least one cache in each of the 29 counties of Utah. I guess we have to go back to several of them, to find the GeoTour caches.

Our progress

Us in front of the Utah State Capitol Building

We visited the Visit Utah booth both at the last Block Party, and at GeoWoodstock in Denver. If you ever spot them at an event, make sure to stop by and have a look!

We’ve currently found enough caches to get 7 patches, and we hope to get enough patches to get the beautiful geocoin in August. And we probably won’t stop until we get them all. But since we live in Norway, it probably won’t be until 2018. So we hope the GeoTour will live for a long long time!


The GeoTour prizes are awesome, and I have to admit that getting the patches (and hopefully the geocoin) is a nice motivation.

But the real price is experiencing the endless wonders of Utah. Experience what Life Elevated really means.

The caches themselves are also really nice, and the huge hand carved stamps are impressive! Make sure you bring a book with you, so you can collect the stamps.

Utah is diverse

Utah is a place of endless wonders. From red rocks, to Bonneville Salt Flats to beautiful forests. I’ll let these photos speak for themselves.

Further reading

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You should also take a look at The Mighty 5 Youtube video:

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