Trading cards – make your own signature items!

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Signature items can be fun, both to make, collect and leave in caches. In this short post, I’ll share some details about one of the types we have in our personal collection.

One of the first things we ordered, was a custom “FTF Geocacher Trading Card”, from FTF Geocacher Magazine.

Our cards

We have two cards. They are both from before Heltinnen was as active as she is now, so they both have only my name on them. They are from two different series, and have slight variations in the design. Our cards are outdated, and we don’t have any left. So perhaps it’s time to order more…

Order your own

These cards are actually more common in Norway than I first thought they would be.

You can order your own cards at, they are currently $49.99 for 500 (US shipping), $59.99 for 1000 (US shipping) and $74.99 for 500 (international shipping).

The ordering process is real simple. Just fill out the form (favorite cache, milestone, favorite quite, signature item and other comments). Upload photos, and that’s it. You can customize them a bit, by using the comment field. You do not need to input your statistics yourself.


As the name implies, these cards are perfect for trading. There was more international trading activity earlier, but not that much anymore now.

I am still interested in trading (I have some duplicates of other cards).

A lot of other designs as well

FTF Geocacher Magazine isn’t the only one making custom trading cards. There are several other places you can order.

The event Going Caching make their own series.

There are also several general caching cards, like this one for the O.C.B.:

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