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Signature items are small personal artifacts, that you can leave in caches you find. Often they include nickname, logo, picture or other personal elements. Not only is it cool to make your own and leave them around the world, it’s also fun to collect.

Signature items can be everything from personal calling cards (non-commercial), to trackable coins and home made items. We own several signature items ourselves. And we are adding new items to our personal collection whenever we find something new to make or order. Some examples of signature items: personal bottle caps, geocoins, pathtags, calling cards, wood coins, pencils, buttons etc.

More than just a signature in the log

Signature items is a fun way to make the content of geocaches you find more colorful. And it is actually a way of connecting with the community! We’ve been recognized on the top of Pikes Peak (which is quite a way from home for us), just because the other cacher had found our personal calling cards in caches around the country. Experiences like that is fun!

We will continue to publish articles about signature items this summer, and show you various ways you can make your own. Stay tuned! 🙂

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