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Geocachers often have lots of equipment. Equipment that needs power, also when we’re out traveling. In this article, we will summarize some of the equipment we use.

Note: listings, stores etc. recommended below are solely based on our personal experience and some google searches. We have absolutely no connections to any of the stores we recommend, and clicks from this page won’t be tracked.

Wall charger

We recently switched to a compact wall charger, which allows us to leave all the regular phone chargers, GPS-charger etc. home when out traveling. We only need to bring this charger, and the cables.

We use Aukey PA-T11, which has a total of 6 USB-outputs. Two of them support QuickCharge 3.0, allowing us to charge both our phones quickly. The other four outputs are intelligent, and adapt to whatever equipment you connect to them. We still have to bring the same amount of USB cables, but the number of chargers are reduced to only this one. Which also makes it a lot easier when traveling, as most hotels either hide their power outlets, or limit them to as few as they can.

A nice bonus is the size (103mm/4.06in x 17mm/2.08in x 26mm/1.02in) and the weight (207g / 7.3oz) of the charger.

You can buy this charger on eBay: Aukey PA-T11 Dual Quick Charge 3.0 + 4 USB Fast Turbo Wall Charger. Make sure you select the correct power cord. When traveling, we recommend that you just find a suitable power cord (very short one) on eBay, instead of the usual travel adapter. Doesn’t take nearly as much space, and is a lot easier to plug into the only available outlet, hidden behind the hotel bed.

You can also read more on Aukey.com, and find links to the official Amazon stores there. We recommend this option if you live in a country they will ship to (unfortunately, Amazon won’t ship electronics to Norway).

Car charger

Being able to charge the devices while driving is also very practical. The Aukey CC-T8 is the perfect choice. With two QuickCharge 3.0 outputs, you can charge two phones at the same speed as with the wall charger.

You can find this on eBay: Aukey CC-T8 Dual Quick Charge 3.0 USB Car Charger.

You can also read more on Aukey.com, and find links to the official Amazon stores there. We recommend this option if you live in a country they will ship to (unfortunately, Amazon won’t ship electronics to Norway).

Power banks

Power banks come in many sizes, and which size you should get depends on your need and use case. And this is exactly why we have several different power banks ourselves.


If you live in any Scandinavian country, we recommend power banks from Clas Ohlson. Cheap, great capacity and solid build quality.

The newest one is also equipped with QuickCharge 3.0 and USB-C. 10050 mAh for kr 399,-

Clas Ohlson USB-C Powerbank 10050 mAh.

We haven’t tested this, but Aukey PB-T15 10050 mAh QC3.0 also looks good.


For the longer trips, a larger one, like Clas Ohlson Powerbank 20000 mAh could be nice to have.

We haven’t tested this, but Aukey PB-T10 20000 mAh QC3.0 and Aukey PB-Y3 30000 mAh QC3.0 also looks good.


You can also find smaller power banks from Aukey (and a lot of other manufacturers, like Anker). We haven’t tested this one, but Aukey PB-N37 looks like a nice (and very small) 5000 mAh QuickCharge 3.0 power bank. You can also find this one on eBay: Aukey Quick Charge 3.0 5000mAh Power Bank


We mainly use original rechargeable batteries in our Garmin equipment. And we also have chargers for these.

Car charger

The most important accessory to our Garmin Montana, is the car mount. It has a integrated charger, and ensures that our Montana is fully charged when we need to bring it outside the car.

You can read more about this charger on Garmin.com.

Extra battery

For longer trips, outside the car, it can be nice to have some spare batteries ready.


You can find battery pack for Montana/Monterra on Garmin.com.


You can find battery pack for Oregon/GPSMap on Garmin.com.

Battery charger

All Garmin devices that support these rechargeable battery packs, usually also have integrated battery charger. But when you have multiple spare batteries, a separate charger can be nice.

You can find a charger for the Montana battery pack on Garmin.com.

Universal charger

In addition to our phones, GPS devices, smart watches etc., we also have a couple digital cameras. They also require power.

The Hähnel Procube Twin Charger perfectly covers our needs for both our Canon 70D and our Canon M3. A nice bonus is that it can also charge the AA batteries we use in the GPS module for the 70D. The charger works perfectly both at home and abroad, and also in the car!

This charger is of course also available for other camera manufacturers.


Do you have any recommendations you want to add?

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