Bottle caps – make your own signature items!

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Signature items can be fun, both to make, collect and leave in caches. In this short post, I’ll share some details about one of the types we have in our personal collection.

Our first homemade signature item, was the soda cap you see below. We read about this in the FTF Geocacher Magazine (if I remember correctly). This seems to be one of the most common custom made signature items, at least based on what we’ve found.

Make your own

To make your own caps, like you see above, you will need the following:

When you have everything ready, the first step is to make the design and print it. Then just punch it out, glue it to the inside of the cap and pour the resin in.

Order online

Instead of making your own, you can buy custom bottle caps from several home brewing suppliers. We’ve ordered custom bottle caps from BottleMark with success.

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