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One of our most important tools of the trade, besides pen, GPSr and our log signing plate, is our geomobile.
It brings us safely from cache to cache, and then back home.

We are possibly a bit above average hooked on geocaching, which is something you might tell just by looking at our car. It’s not exactly anonymous… But it does make people smile, while they’re pointing at us when we drive past them.


We have lots of geocaching stickers on the car, including a couple large ones for

And we have hubcaps in correct colors (also in correct order).

Not only does the colors make people smile, it also makes it easier when we need to deliver the car to the repair shop. They immediately know which car it is, when we answer yes on the question “Is it the one with all the colors?”.

Several tracking codes

The car has a total of three trackable codes. One on the back, and one inside.

We don’t have any tracking codes on the license plate holders, but we do have other geocaching related license plate holders 😉

The signature wall

The TB inside, is “The signature wall”. And as the name suggests, it’s a wall filled with signatures.
Feel free to sign if you should meet us somewhere!

The command center

Every geomobile should have proper navigation equipment.

We use a Garmin Nüvicam to navigate along roads, and then a Garmin Montana to display the nearest cache (and eventually navigate to that cache outside the car). Both of them have all caches loaded, of course.


Well equipped

One of the best things about this car, is the space. We have a lot of caching equipment.

Various equipment and tools of the trade can be what separates a find from a DNF sometimes. And it’s also nice to always have caching containers ,spare logs etc. available when needed.



How is you geomobile?


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