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Today, Wednesday January 3rd, marks our six year anniversary as geocachers. The very first cache we found, was GC2EGZQ Bjørgene 1 # 34, and we’ve found quite a few since then…

We celebrated our fifth anniversary last year, with a relatively large event. Just as we did each year before that as well.

Due to various reasons, we did not host a regular event this year. Instead we had a smaller gathering at home. But we still had fun with Geoguessr, kahoot and other fun things.


No six year birthday is complete without lots of sugar. So we made sure to have plenty of it available 😉

This was a really fun evening, with lots of fun and laughter. Just like we like it! We have really enjoyed this, and hope the people that came had fun as well 🙂

A huge surprise

We were suddenly told that we had to go play golf. Okay? I am way to curious to not join in when we were told to all accompany Torillhrv to the local golf course, so we did…

And what a surprise! It’s not often thomfre is speechless, but this was unexpected!

We barely got to open the cache in the app, before had some major hiccups, and we were thrown out of both the app and the website. Fortunately for us, Torillhrv was driving, and since she had placed the cache, she knew where to go.

Just as we reached the parking location, the app and the website started working again. Perfect timing! And also perfect location, just a few hundred meters away from the cache we found last year on our five year anniversary day. And as if that wasn’t enough, the cache was published on the minute 6 years after we found our first cache…

And wow, this was a huge cache! Filled with fun stuff 😀 Sparklers, balloon, glitter, Christmas decorations, an empty log and a cake!

This was a fantastic way to end our six year celebrations. To all who have contributed to this cache, and to all that have helped make this a fantastic evening:

We look forward to all the fun in 2018 😀

Pictures from the day

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