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Early this year, I got an email from geocaching.com. They wanted to write about a cache I own…

Today, January 11th 2017, my cache GC51MPR Hagen med det rare i was published as the Geocache of the week.

I have absolutely no idea who told HQ about my cache, but THANK YOU whoever you are 😀

A huge thank you to everyone that visited the cache, and thanks for all the fantastic logs!

HQ asked if I had something I wanted to say about the cache, and here is what I told them:

Of my 200-something hides, this is my personal favorite. The cache is located right outside my grandparents’ garden, a place I spent a lot of time when growing up.

Some of my earliest memories are from that place. And even though there’s some things that are as old as me there, there’s always something new to look at whenever I visit. I am thrilled that I get to share this awesome place with other geocachers! And the best part is that so are my grandparents! I might be a bit subjective here, but they are simply awesome!

I’ve received so many great logs, and I really enjoy telling my grandparents about all the nice words people write. Several people have noted that they see where I get my creativity from after visiting this cache. They’re so right!

I don’t think I can describe the feeling I have now. I am honored and humbled to be able to add the official “Geocache of the Week”-banner to this cache.

The first I did was of course to call my grandparents, so I could share the joy and excitement with them 😀

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you

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