Goals for 2019

In thomfre & Heltinnen
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Just like last year, we’ve set some goals for the year ahead.

We reached the majority of the goals in 2018, and we hope do do the same in 2019.

Most of our goals are common for the both of us, but we also have a few individual goals (in separate colors).

Caching goals of the year


  • Reach 20 000 finds in total (thomfre)
  • Reach 18 000 finds in total (Heltinnen)
  • Reach 6 000 US finds
  • Find 100 new virtuals (100 we haven’t found before, not necessarily 100 of the new type)


  • Attend at least three mega events in 2019


  • Visit four new countries, and a new continent


  • Finish the second round of the find date calendar (thomfre)
  • Finish the D/T grid (Heltinnen)
  • Hide more caches

We also hope to maintain the activity on this blog, and on our Facebook page.

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