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Today, on the last day of the year, it’s time to look back at the year behind us. How did the year go? Did we reach our goals for 2018?

2018 lå en stund an til å bli året vi hadde både færrest funn, og færrest dager på tur. Men vi ga litt ekstra gass nå i desember, og slik klarte vi å lande på tall som er hakket høyere enn det laveste i 2012. 2018 har vært et år uten bråk og ståk, noe som har vært veldig behagelig.

Did we reach our goals?

The goal for 2018 was 20 000 finds for thomfre, and 16 000 finds for Heltinnen. We didn’t get all the way there, but we’re both less than 400 away – so we’re happy with the result anyway 😀

We also had some minor goals, and we have managed to attend three mega events (Heltinnen only two) – one more than the goal!

We also wanted to finish the last state in Germany, and we did!

But the biggest achievement of 2018, was when we visited Alaska and Hawaii, and by that completed the goal to find a cache in every US state.

We were also supposed to finish the second round on the find calendar, and the D/T matrix for Heltinne. We didn’t do any of them, maybe in 2019?

Another milestone we’re very pleased with, is finishing the requirements for the Visit Utah GeoTour 😀

We’ve traveled a lot

We visited some new countries in Europe during the Easter weekend, we had a quick trip to Germany, we attended the Norwegian Viking mega and of course also the Swedish FAD 2018.

We’ve also done some shorter trips, like one to Grimstad to talk about cachetur.no.

Other activities

Most of the time however have been spent on the development of cachetur.no, especially during the start and the end of the year. We’ve spent a lot of time on growing internationally, developing the app and transitioning to the new API.

I stepped down as president of the Norwegian geocaching association, Geocaching i Norge, in 2018, and that gave us more time to work on our own projects. Like this blog, our Facebook page and cachetur.no.

Thank you!

We’ve tried to be as active as we can on our Facebook page, and it’s so fun to see all the reactions and comments!

So we want to say *thank you* to all of you that has followed us through 2018. All of you that in some way or another have contributed to make the geocaching year 2018 a great one! Thank you!

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