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Today, on the last day of the year, it’s time to look back at the year behind us. How did the year go? Did we reach our goals for 2017?

2017 has in very many ways been a very different year. Things haven’t turned out exactly as we thought they wold, and we’ve had to make some tough decisions. It has felt like we’ve been out caching less than last year, but we have the exact same amount of caching days in 2017 as in 2016 (165 days). The number of finds, a completely different story. We have found almost 4 000 caches in 2017, which is a lot more than in 2016.

Did we reach our goals?

The main goal for 2017 was to reach 16 000 finds (thomfre) and 12 000 finds (Heltinnen). We have reached more than 17 000 and 13 000, so we are well above our goal.

We also had a lot of other goals, and we managed to reach both 500 virtual caches (now 551/543), 300 earthcaches and 100 webcam. We also reached our goal of 200+ events and 30+ CITO events.

But we did not manage to attend as many mega events as we wanted. And we’re still missing a German state. But, instead we managed to complete all of Norway’s counties. Completing the lower 48 US states was also one of our goals, which we have completed in 2017 😀

We also hoped to complete the find date calendar (round 1 for Heltinnen and round 2 for thomfre). thomfre is still missing one day, but Heltinnen completed her first round. In addition to that, thomfre also completed his D/T matrix.

The largest achievement was when we finished the Jasmer! We’ve really had to work for that one.

We did have some ambitions to hide a few caches as well, but we’re still missing three each. Some things didn’t turn out as planned, and we completely lost the motivation to hide caches locally.

We’ve traveled a bit this year as well

Even though we’ve mostly traveled alone this year, we’ve still been on a few trips with good friends. We’ve cached for the first time in Northern Norway, attended the Norwegian mega event Vikingevent 2017 and also attended the Swedish mega event FAD 2017. We also did some powertrailing in Rendalen.


We’ve also been on several smaller trips, and traveled to both Ålesund and Grimstad to talk about cachetur.no.

The highlight of the year is without doubt our annual US road trip, where we this year visited several new states. We also attended our fourth Going APE mega event, and finally found our first APE cache 😀

Other activities

I’ve used a lot of time on development of cachetur.no this year, specially towards the end of the year. After we attended an event i Salt Lake City, where we spent a lot of time showing and talking about our trip plan, we started thinking about the possibility to translate cachetur.no into English. We talked to some people about it, and when we got back home, it didn’t take long before the job was started.

A lot of great people have helped make it possible, but I want to specially thank cghove. He has done a massive job both with translations, bug spotting and production of content in the help center.

A lot of stuff have happened on cachetur.no during the last months, and we hope it will make planning trips easier for a lot of people in 2018.

Geocaching i Norge and various Facebook groups also take a lot of time. But I haven’t been able to do as much as I want to do in Geocaching i Norge in 2017.

A not so fun start on the year

The year started with a lot of negativity, both before and after the annual meeting in Geocaching Haugalandet. And not too long after the meeting, it became too much. So I stepped down from my position as leader, and left the board completely.

We made a decision, and decided that we are allowed to focus a bit more on ourselves, and our own things. Not only on the community. A bit selfish said, but that is one of the best things we learnt in 2017. We still use countless hours on contributions to the community, but now it’s mainly done in our own name.

There’s been a couple of not so fun situations during the past year, and some rather big disappointments. Which is why we made the decision to focus only on the people that give us something positive in return. Those that add value to our caching life. And just ignore those that do nothing but add negativity and steal energy.

It has taken time. And we’ve barely attended anything locally the last year. In periods we haven’t even cached locally at all. But now that we’ve learnt that it is okay to ignore people that do nothing but slander or stab you in the back, things are so much better. We almost gave up geocaching completely. But we have met lots of new great people, and become better acquainted with others. So fortunately the joy of geocaching is at least as strong as before.

Time to focus on the future!

2017 has been a great year. Despite some humps and bumps, we have more positive experiences than negative to look back on. Cachetur.no has grown larger than ever before, and now we have a international user base! How cool isn’t that? 😀

We’ve done more on our own blog, and on our own Facebook page. Something we hope to continue to do in 2018. We’ve also made several videos from our trips in 2017.


Thank you!

We want to say thank you to everyone that has followed us in 2017. All the great people that in some way have contributed positively to the caching year of 2017. All those that have taken the time to talk to us, listen to our stories, and share their own. You are awesome! Thank you!



We wish you all a happy new year! 😀

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