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We have arrived at the very last day of the year, and we have attended the last event in 2016. So it’s time to look back a bit, what have we done? Did we reach the goals we set for 2016?

Compared to 2014 and 2015, 2016 has been a lonely year. Not that many major caching trips together with other cachers. At least it has been more than nothing! 🙂 And even though it felt like we cached a lot less this year than last year, we ended up with 165 days caching – two more than last year. We’ve found a total of 2 532 caches in 2016, which is also higher than last year.

Did we reach our goals?

The main goal for 2016 was to reach 13 000 finds. And that happened already in July! As we leave 2016 behind, we have a total of 13 534 finds.

We’ve attended one mega event (and one Block Party) less this year, than we have per year the last three years. We hope to get back to “normal numbers” again next year. We also hope to be able to travel more, preferably not alone. But we will write more about the goals for 2017 tomorrow.

We’ve had some secondary goals as well, like at least 1 000 finds on our main Holiday, and reaching 3 000 finds in the USA. We managed to reach both those goals, and then some. We also hit 400 virtual caches and 250 earthcaches (total as of right now is 413 and 272). At the end of the year we also reached 10 000 pictures uploaded to geocaching.com, and the number is 10 278 right now. That is the current Norwegian record 😉

Another goal this year was to find at least one cache in all the counties we missed in Utah, which we also managed to do.

Except the missing mega event, we’ve reached every goal we set for 2016! 😀

We’ve still traveled a lot

Even though it feels like we’ve traveled a lot less this year, we’ve still traveled a lot. And we’ve seen great places, met awesome people and made a lot of new good memories.

For some reason, we’ve been to Sweden several times this year.

It is impossible to write about this without also sending a huge thanks to kawlii, a huge thank you for joining us on several adventures this year! We wish for a lot of fun in 2017 as well! 😀

We’ve attended FAD, Randers, a lot of events during the Easter holiday and we’ve attended Norway’s second mega event. We’ve taken several trips over the mountain.

This years main Holiday in the USA was without a doubt a major highlight of the year. We got to see and experience a lot! Attending Geowoodstock in Denver is something we will remember for a long time. Since Geowoodstock was the event that started the whole mega event thing, it was a big thing for us to finally be able to attend it! And it was extra fun to be able to share that experience with our fellow Norwegian cachers, Imit42 and Nja42!

A highlight in the dark

December is normally a dark and cold month. But not this December! Each and every day a group of cachers have met for everything from 1 to 4 hours in the dark. You gotta love the enthusiasm! Awesome people! 😀

Other activities

I haven’t gotten that much time to continue the development of cachetur.no as I wish I had, but I’ve still used a lot of time. And both Geocaching i Norge and Geocaching Haugalandet take up time. The same with the FB groups I’m a part of the admin team in. And we can’t forget Norway’s only geocaching magazine, Nullpunktet, where I joined the editorial staff this year.

We would like to thank each and everyone that contributed in some way to all the positive experiences we’ve had this year, and happy new year to you all! 😀

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