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A lot is changing on these days. Luckily Groundspeak does seem to listen to feedback, so things might turn out to become awesome in the end.

But for now, I’ve had some fun with making minor adjustments to the new experience (both dashboard, profile and logging) through a custom Tampermonkey userscript.

The new dashboard

I’m not sure if I like the new dashboard yet. But there are some things I dislike, and that’s the huge amounts of whitespace, and the new cache icons.

So I’ve removed some whitespace, added some links (to create cache/event), added a map search input, added GC-codes to the recently viewed list and replaced the new icons with the old cache icons.

The new profile

The new profile also have too much whitespace, so I’ve removed some here as well.

I’m actually starting to like the new profile page (at least my version of it). The only thing I really dislike, is that the About tab is placed last, and not default as it used to be.

The new logging page

The new logging page is still not as good as it should be. And I’m not using it much. So my changes here are very experimental.

I managed to inject the Markdown toolbar and preview from the old logging page, and it actually work!

Do you want to try yourself?

Feel free to download the script here (you will need Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey to run this).

But keep in mind that this is for fun and experimentation, and it’s probably going to break when Groundspeak start changing stuff.


What do you think about the new experience?

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Reply to  thomfre
5 years ago

It works from the cache page, but the header menu still brings you to the /play/map. Any way to fix that?

Chris Rock (Hiking Seal)
Chris Rock (Hiking Seal)
7 years ago

Nice job! Maybe Groundspeak will hire you!