US Trip 2019 – Day 8 – Going APE

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The route this day took us from Moses Lake to Seattle, via the Going APE mega event. Not that many caches, but we did get to meet a lot of awesome people!

Approximate time on road/out caching:  13 hours, 30 minutes
Total miles driven: 200.3 mi / 322,4 km
Total caches found: 10
Total DNF: 0
States visited: Washington
Famous places visited: Seattle Waterfront
Most memorable cache: GC89QTK Have a brew with the cachetur crew
Biggest surprise: The low amount of people at the mega event
Weather: Sunny
Highest temperature: 69°F / 20,6°C (highest we got, but we know it was a lot hotter than this)
Lowest temperature: 63°F / 17,2°C (might have been colder too)

Straight to the event, almost

We had a couple hours to drive to get to the event, so we didn’t have much planned along the way. But we really like finding virtuals, so we decided it was worth the detour to visit GC7B68Z Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies – even though we’ve been there before the virtual was placed.

Going APE 2019

We arrived at the event parking not long after the official event start, and was a bit surprised to see how little cars and people that was here. But maybe we sohuldn’t be so surprised, since there’s no APE cache unarchival or Block Party 😛

Meeting nice people, and Signal

Two of the most important things on the event, for us this time, was to sign the log and meet Signal. Just have to meet Signal! We also met twlare and platoaddict, two ambassadors. And some other very nice people. This is often the best part of large events – we get to meet people, and frogs, we don’t see that often.

SWAG, SWAG everywhere

We also got to chat a bit at the Caching in the Northwest booth, and leave some cachetur SWAG 😀 We also got a couple ideas for the next cachetur-SWAG.

A quick food stop

After spending some hours at the event, we continued to the closest virtual, before stopping to get some food. twlare and platoaddict joined us as well.

Virtuals, and more virtuals

Since we’ve been to Seattle several times before, and there’s been published several new virtuals since the last time, we focused on finding some of those. We also had to stop by Uwajimaya, a store where they sell a lot of Asian food and drinks. We were there to find guava flavored drinks from Hawaii, which we found there last year 😛

Our Seattle ritual

We always visit the Seattle Waterfront, and the Pike Place Market. So the new virtual, GC7B9XN Pike Place Market, was perfect for us today! Another thing we usually do in Seattle, is eating at the top of the Space Needle. But since the restaurant hasn’t opened yet, we couldn’t do that :/

We got to “enjoy” the smell of the gum wall once more, along the way down to the Waterfront.

A lot has happened at the Waterfront since last time, but we could visit all our regular stops – so we were happy 😀 We need our lemonade at The Frankfurter and we have to visit Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. Finding the new virtual at the wheel, GC7B9G7 BIG WHEEL, was also a nice bonus.

Another event

After we were done at the Waterfront, it was time to head north – we had an event to attend. GC89QTK Have a brew with the cachetur crew was the smallest event today, but it was our favorite! Not only did we get to meet two awesome ambassadors again, but we also got to meet some lackies and some really nice geocachers.

We didn’t have anything planned after the event, other than finding the cache right next to it. So it was time to head to our airbnb, and get some rest before another day filled with adventure.


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