US Trip 2019 – Day 26 – Back to Colorado

In Out caching
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The route this day took us from Roswell, New Mexico, to Alamosa, Colorado. Another great day on the road!

Approximate time on road/out caching:  12 hours
Total miles driven: 340.4 mi / 547,8 km
Total caches found: 34
Total DNF: 1
States visited: New Mexico, Colorado
Famous places visited: Santa Fe
Most memorable cache: GC8AF39 Meet the Norwegians – in Roswell
Biggest surprise: How different Santa Fe is from all other US cities we’ve visited
Weather: Sunny, some clouds, light rain
Highest temperature: 95°F / 35°C
Lowest temperature: 68°F / 20°C

Starting the day with an event

We had to attend our own even, GC8AF39 Meet the Norwegians – in Roswell, before leaving Roswell. But first we made sure to find the other caches around the event. We didn’t expect a great turnout, so it was a pleasant surprise to see so many people here!

Hey you!

We didn’t have much planned along the first miles from Roswell, but we just had to stop at GC73ETF Hey You!! (which we learnt about at our event).

A car full of muggles parked right behind us after Heltinnen had located the cache. When they noticed her, they just stopped and stood there – without saying anything. It looked hilarious!

First bonus earthcache

We ended up stopping at a lot of bonus caches, just because we could. One of them was GC4W4MP Tell Us About Talus, the first bonus earthcache of the day.

Santa Fe was different!

A couple caches later, we arrived in Santa Fe. Santa Fe was very different from all other US cities we’ve visited. It almost felt like we had teleported to Spain! Small houses, narrow streets and generally different style.

We found a total of 4 virtuals in and around Santa Fe, although not in the order we had intended to find them – due to some minor navigation issues. The last one was GC233D Night in the Alley w/ Dennis Hopper.

Let’s create an earthcache!

Not long after stopping at the second bonus earthcache, GC7C50K Espanola Basin Sediment, we decided to make one ourselves. And GC8D7JP Roadside buttes and mesas was created at the hotel room later in the day. A couple caches after that, we decided to make another one – and GC8D7JY The Wall was also created later that day 😀

Back in Colorado

A couple caches later, we arrived at GC5896P STATE LINE NM-CO – and it was time to cross the last state border on this trip.

We only had one more stop, GC3DXA3 Colorado Spirit Quest #431 – La Jara Cemetery, before we headed straight to the hotel – after another long day on the road.


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