US Trip 2019 – Day 23 – The rest of Arizona

In Out caching
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The route this day took us from Oro Valley, AZ to Truth or Consequences, NM via the remainder of the counties we were missing in Arizona. Another great day on the road!

Approximate time on road/out caching:  11 hours, 55 minutes
Total miles driven: 405.8 mi / 653,1 km
Total caches found: 25
Total DNF: 2
States visited: Arizona, New Mexico
Famous places visited: None
Most memorable cache: GC85KD3 Homer Saves the World! (or maybe not)
Biggest surprise: The low traffic and amount of people around
Weather: Sunny, some clouds
Highest temperature: 103°F / 39,4°C
Lowest temperature: 73°F / 22,8°C

A fun start on the day

We left the hotel before 7am, and started by finding some of the caches in the area. Even though we had a lot of miles to cover, we wanted to find some of the high-FP caches that was here. We quickly realized that cliptwings is a name we have to remember – his caches are awesome!

After finding a couple of his, a nearby virtual, and a couple other caches, it was finally time to start on the long journey ahead of us.

A couple earthcaches along the way

There’s a lot of geology along the way, so it should be no surprise that we had a couple earthcache stops along the way. The first one was GC6E1KJ Roadside Shapeshifters. A very cool feature! The second was GC7D4C5 The Lift of a Rift.

Around (the) Globe(?)

We did a quick detour to Globe, to find the two virtual caches there. The first one, GCGBVD Teirra Blunder Sissy Cache, took us to an old locomotive. Well worth the quick detour!

The lonely road

The road from Globe was long and lonely, not much traffic, not much people and long between the caches. A quick stop at GC2N23C Welcome to Thatcher I gave us Graham County. The second cache in Graham ended with a DNF, but we got GC3G4KY EACS#11 as a nice bonus.

Arizona is completed!

The next stop was GC88NFD Greenlee Historical Point, which gave us the last county we needed – Greenle County. And that find made Arizona our third completed state!

Back in New Mexico

After another stop in Greenlee, it was time to head towards the border. And a couple minutes later, we entered New Mexico.

Back down at the interstate, we decided to give GC1M742 “Wickiup” another try. We couldn’t find anything last year, but this time we left with a smile!

Truth or Consequences?

The next hotel was in Truth or Consequences, chosen purely because of the name of the city. The story behind the name is worth reading! We had a couple stops along the way, including another earthcache at a rest area. Watching the sunset during the last few miles was a nice way to end the day.


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