US Trip 2017 – Day 15 – In and around Salt Lake City

In Out caching
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We had a long list of virtual caches, webcam caches and GeoTour caches planned this day, in and around Salt Lake City. We also attended the first event on this trip.

Approximate time on road/out caching: 15.5 hours
Total miles driven: 144.6 mi / 232,7 km
Total cahes found: 28
Total DNF: 2
States visited: Utah
Famous places visited: Utah State Capitol, Gilgal Sculpture Garden
Most memorable cache: GC63R5H Utah GeoTour-Salt Lake – GEO AT THE LEO
Biggest surprise: Car chase on I-15
Weather: Sunny, overcast, rain
Highest temperature: 86°F / 30°C
Lowest temperature: 68°F / 20°C
Roadwork: Yes

Leaving early

We couldn’t leave too late, since we wanted to find a couple caches along the way to the event.

We did both a GeoTour-cache and a webcam, and still arrived early at the event 😀

Meeting the pirates

GC759J7 UT- A Pirate’s Life For Us! was our first event in Utah, but hopefully not the last! We arrived early, and left late – way after it was officially over. Just like we use to on most events we attend.

We had a great time, and this event will be remembered as the turning point for – the trip planning tool we’ve made, and use on trips like this. We were so inspired by the enthusiasm when we showed our travel plan, that we not much later decided to translate the whole thing into English. And that has now happened! 😀

Who let the cows out?

After the event, and a couple virtual caches, we had planned a visit at GC63R3P Utah GeoTour-Salt Lake – DON’T LET THE COWS OUT!.

As with many other of the Utah GeoTour caches, we got more than we came for. We got a nice walk around the farm, in nice weather. Not too much muggles either.

Geo at the LEO

We stopped at another virtual, before the next awesome GeoTour cache: GC63R5H Utah GeoTour-Salt Lake – GEO AT THE LEO.

For the second time today, we got a lot more than we came for. We spent the time we needed to explore the museum, and really enjoy our visit there. One of the most fun caches today! 😀

Patches and coins

After visiting the LEO, and the two caches across the street, we decided to check if we could pick up the patches and coins in person. Instead of having them shipped to Norway.

We met Mr. VisitUtah himself, and as awesome as he is, he gave us the prizes we were qualified for 😀 We got 15 patches in total now, and there’s not many counties we have 0 caches in. So we hope to be able to finish next year! 😀

The coins are really beautiful, definitely a crown in our collection! And there’s so many good memories hidden in these coins!

A strange park

After a few more virtual caches, we arrived at GC3B33 Gilgal. Gilgal Sculpture Garden is a strange place… It’s listed on Atlas Obscura, but we probably wouldn’t have found this place without this cache here. And since most tourists don’t find this place, it’s not crowded. We spent the most of the time here alone.

A milestone with a view

After Gilgal, the nearby webcam and another virtual, we arrived at GCBE92 The View. And this wasn’t just a place with breathtaking view of the city (there is a slight possibility that it was the steep hill that took our breath away), this was also my virtual cache number 500! What a perfect cache for this milestone!


In the middle of a car chase

We continued north, stopping at a few more virtual caches. Once back at I-15, on our way to GC63QZV Utah GeoTour-Davis – Beautiful Urban Trails, a car suddenly passed us on the shoulder – doing probably 80-90mph, and it continued driving like crazy. A few seconds later, the Police were after him. That was a bit too close for comfort…

But the cache, once we calmed down a bit, was awesome! There’s so much creativity in this GeoTour!

Just one more webcam…

It started getting dark, and we still had more caches on our plan. Two of them were webcams. But we eventually had to accept that one of the cameras were pointing in the wrong direction (it did the same when we were here last year). So we just did GCPX9C Layton Hills Webcam Cache.

Then it was time to head back south, to the hotel. And just as any other day on this trip, we were slowed down by road work.

Movie in the park

We ended the day with two virtual caches, and we’ll easily remember them both. On the first, GCHXVC Layton Veteran’s Park, we underestimated the amount of water sprayed by the sprinklers there. We ended up getting a bit wet at that cache…

The last cache of the day, GCHX5A The GM Guy, was right next to a park where they were showing E.T. We got there just in time to see the end, and the credits 😛

This ended up being a very long day, but also a very interesting day!


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