US Trip 2016 – It’s getting hotter

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After driving from Williams to Yucca Valley, the next part of the route took us to Alamo, Nevada. With a couple detours, of course.


When we were in Yucca Valley last year, we had to leave too early to be able to find the cache at the welcome center. So this year I wanted to stay long enough to be able to find it.

And after stopping at a couple other caches, and stopping to get some supplies, we arrived at the welcome center. Finding the cache wasn’t hard at all, I really like decorated ammo cans like this one!

California Welcome Center

Eventually it was time to leave Yucca Valley, and head towards Barstow.

We didn’t have much caches planned along the way to Barstow, so when we spotted a large cache on the map, we decided to give it a try. To bad we couldn’t find anything there :/

Straight ahead!

After stopping at one more cache (which we actually found), we arrived in Barstow.

The first stop we had planned there was at the Desert Discovery Center, where we found the second indoor-ammo can of the day. We also found a nice earthcache at the Old Woman meteorite.

Old Woman meteorite

We also had to step outside to see if we could spot any desert tortoises.

Hello there!

We decided to find an extra cache in Barstow, and when we saw the ad for DelTaco, we just had to go there to get some tacos 😛

We stopped at another cache and then another Route 66 cache, before we went to visit Calico Ghost Town.


We started with the virtual cache in the cemetery. Not sure how much else of Calico that is genuine, but I guess at least this place is!

We spent some time walking around Calico, and finding a couple caches of course. A nice stop, even though it felt a bit touristy (we don’t mind being tourists from time to time ;)).

Us in Calico Inside one of the stores

We stopped at a couple other caches, before arriving at the exit to Zzyzx. No way we could just drive past this exit! So we went to find some caches! Zzyzx is just as crazy as No Name, which we visited in Colorado last year.


When we found the cache, and opened the log, the first we noticed were Imit42 and Nja42 – Norwegian cachers we cached together with in Denver earlier on this trip. Fun!


We drove to the end of the road, but since the area was closed, we skipped the earthcache out there.

The next stop on the plan was the giant thermometer in Baker. Since it was quite hot now, we made sure to park in the shadow 😛

Parking in the shadow

The thermometer was huge! But I guess it have to be to be the world’s largest…

Us and the huge thermometer

While finding the cache there, a woman rushed out of the gift shop – she just wanted to let us know that they sold geocoins there! Wow, awesome! We just had to buy both of them 😀


We also stopped a bit further down the road, to say hello to the aliens and buy some jerky.

Galaxy Peace Patrol

We didn’t have that many more stops planned for the day, except a virtual cache and some caches close to the road. While at the virtual cache, we noticed something really colorful.

Something colorful down there

We just had to check it out (and find the cache down there). Turned out to be some kind of art installation.

Not going to tell you where we had to go to find the cache...
Not going to tell you where we had to go to find the cache…

Colorful stones

We still had a long way to drive to get to Alamo, so we didn’t stop at more than one cache from here to Alamo.

Straight ahead

We stopped to find a cache, get some food and gas in Alamo – not that many places to get gas along the route tomorrow. So we filled up both the car and a gas can we bought earlier.

We had made arrangements to pick up the key to the cabin we had rented, and made sure to find the cache right outside when picking up the key.

Windmill ridge

We also spotted this nice little one before heading to bed.

Trying to hide

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