US Trip 2016 – Any aliens here?

In Out caching
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After driving to Alamo yesterday, it was now time to see if we could find a couple caches along the E.T. Highway.


We got up early, and after checking out, the first stop was the gas station in Ash Springs. We bought another gas can, just to be sure – would be kinda boring to get stuck without gas in the middle of nowhere…

Extra gas

Shortly after (after stopping at another cache), we arrived at the famous sign.

Extraterrestrial Highway

A couple caches later, we arrived at the very first E.T. Highway geocache. We were well prepared for a long day in the heat. We had enough gas with us, we had enough water and we had plenty of snacks. We had a stamp to use in the logs, and Heltinnen had a wet towel on her head to keep the heat out.

Let's start!

1 down...

We did the first 150 caches, with only a few DNFs. We also stopped at some other caches, including an earthcache.

Looking back

One of the extra caches was a cache at the spot of the “Black Mailbox”. Sadly the mailbox is gone, and so was the cache :/

This is not the original black mailbox...
This is not the original black mailbox…

We stopped at some random E.T. caches from the Black Mailbox to Rachel. We had a longer stop in Rachel, to get some food – not that many places to eat along this road 😛


Not only did they have food at Little A’Le’Inn, they also had WiFi! That was nice, after being without cell reception for a long time.

The food was great, the cache that was inside was great and it was fun meeting other geocachers there.

Little A'Le'Inn

We decided to find a couple extra caches in Rachel, and continued with some random E.T. caches along the way (mostly round numbers).

Rachel cache

Straight road

We started full speed on the E.T. trail again at number 590, and continued to number 611. After that we started to end up with more DNF than finds, so we started skipping more and more. Eventually ending up at 693.


We also made sure to stop at some earthcaches along the road.

We continued from 693 to 855. A couple DNF, and a couple extra along the way. But mostly easy finds and no traffic.

Heltinnen looking for the cache

Since we had extra gas with us, we might as well used it, so while stopped at a cache, we refueled.


We also stopped at number 900, and number 2000 – so at least we can say that we have the first one and the last one!

Starting to get dark

That way!

We made sure to have some fun with the last one 😀

Having fun Having fun Having fun Having fun

We did one more stop, before it was time to head to the hotel to get some sleep. A successful day with lots of find, enough gas on the tank and almost a new milestone! It’s not often we get to spend an entire day almost without seeing other people.

Our total for the day is 340 finds and 27 DNF. We spent a total of 13 hours and 19 minutes from the first to the last cache.

If we’re ever going to attempt to find more caches in this trail, we’ll be sure to bring lots of spare containers! We thought to do that this year, but we never found a place that could supply us with them in time.

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