US Trip 2016 – A Grand Day Out

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After spending some days in Utah, it was time to spend some days in Arizona.


We had to get up early, so we could get to Lower Antelope Canyon in time for the tour we had booked.

It didn’t take long to get to the entrance, but to get through the entrance took some time. Lots of cars, and when people think they are smart and try to enter through the exit, it doesn’t exactly go as smooth as it should…

But we made it! And after waiting in the heat, it was finally time to enter the canyon.

Entering the canyon

It was crowded in the narrow canyon, but wow – this is one of the most amazing places we’ve ever visited!

Heltinnen taking a photo

The shapes, the colors, really amazing!


After walking all the way through, and experiencing a small sand storm, it was time to get back out.

Time to get out

After Antelope Canyon, we did a quick stop at the  cache that was closest to the hotel we stayed at.

While there, a muggle walked past us and asked if it was a geocache we had found (maybe not a muggle?). The same muggle came running to our car when we were about to leave – and she had my GPSr with her! Ooops, somehow I managed to leave it at the cache! Thanks unknown muggle!

We also did a quick detour to the Glen Canyon Dam to find the earthcache there.

After one more cache in Page, we headed towards Grand Canyon. Since we’ve been here before, we didn’t have much caches to find along the road. So the only stop we did was to get jerky at a place we use to stop when driving between Page and Grand Canyon.

Sand on the road

We’ve also found the caches along the south rim, so we only did a quick stop at the Desert View Watchtower and Mather Point.

The watchtower

Mather point

After spending some time at the Grand Canyon, we continued down towards Williams. We stopped to find a cache in Tusayan, more than 6 hours after the previous cache!

We had to be in Williams in time to attend an event. It was GC6M89J Get your Goodies in Rt 66 by unicorns4cher. We attended GC5ARDV Short Notice “Meet and Greet” Williams the last time we visited Williams, and it was so much fun! So we decided to ask unicorns4cher if she would make a new event this year – and she did 😀 Awesome!

We arrived early enough to find a cache along the way to the event location.

At the event

The event was just as great as we had hoped it would be! We got to meet some geocachers, grab a snack and talk about geocaching. Perfect event location and perfect weather! We really couldn’t have asked for any more.

Thank you so much for hosting this unicorns4cher!

After the event, we did a quick stop at a souvenir-sign shop, and another cache, before it was time to head towards the hotel.

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