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When I heard about the first ever European GPS Maze Exhibit (GC45GGA), I immediately knew I had to attend it! When I discovered GC3JJJJ GEOCOINFEST EUROPE 2013 was the same weekend, I started to look for plane tickets and hotels.

It didn’t take long until both we, and several other Norwegians, had tickets booked. I think somewhere between 40 and 70 Norwegians visited Prague this weekend! We were 4 cachers (Mr.Jacobsen, armag, Heltinnen and myself) traveling together, and along the way our group grew with two more (olabirk and ArveAnd).

We arrived in Prague late Thursday, and didn’t even have time to find a cache. Our first find in Prague was GC2K415 EXPO 58 v2, early Friday morning.

The weekend was spent wandering around in Prague, finding caches along the way, and of course attending the events. We were a bit disappointed that so much information was only available in Czech; we would like to see a bit more English in an international event. The most disappointing was Garmin, who only brought information in Czech. Other than that, we had a great time, and it is quite clear that a lot of people have done a lot of work to pull this off!

It is a bit cool to be able to say that we have attended the first ever European GPS Maze Exhibit!

I logged a total of 44 caches in Prague, and not a single DNF! Awesome! Well, we did end up attempting a couple of multi caches we were not able to complete, but since we never got to the final stage, we don’t count it as a DNF…

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