Easter 2019 – Day 9 – Back to Madrid

In Out caching
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This was the last day on the road, and the route took us from Girona back to Madrid. We didn’t have that many caches on the new plan, but we ended up finding a bit more – as usual.

Approximate time out caching/traveling: 10.5 hours
Total driving distance: 699,3 km / 434.5 mi
Total caches found: 18
Total DNF: 5
Famous places visited: Medinaceli
Most memorable cache: GC6QQVW Arco Romano
Biggest surprise: Being able to grab a find in another bonus region
Weather: Clouds, some very light rain, some sun
Temperature range: 9-15°C

Best breakfast on the trip

We started a bit later than usual this day, since we had cached through the night the day before. And we took the time we needed to thoroughly enjoy the hotel breakfast – the best on the entire trip!

Rest areas without caches

We had a long way to drive, so the new plan only had caches on rest areas, exits or other places that seemed easy to stop. For some reason, most rest areas here doesn’t have caches, so this was a really short plan.

But first, we had to stop by Girona Airport to find the cache there. The cache was easy enough to find, but figuring out how to pay for parking was more like a D3.5 😛

A short trail

When driving on the highway, we noticed a trail of caches running under the highway. So we decided to exit, and attempt a few of them. After a couple DNFs, we finally found GC682YY XMX-011 XA MARXA DELS CASTELLS and then continued to 018.

Going west

We continued west, and found a couple more caches along the way. We had to skip one, since the police had parked right next to it. One of the top priority caches of the day, was GC6607 Where East Meets West. We love virtual caches, and this one was literally right on our route!

A bonus region

We enjoy collecting both countries, regions and counties – so when we noticed the sign for Comunidad de Castilla y León, we had to stop at the first gas station to see how close the nearest cache was. We planned the route on the worst hotel bed of the trip, so we didn’t notice that we would drive a few kilometers in this region.

The closest cache turned out to be GC6QQVW Arco Romano, not too far away. We drove up there, and were greeted by lots of cars and people, and amazing views.

Not sure how, but we managed to find a place to park. And we even managed to find the cache without any of the muggles noticing.

Traffic jam

Both the Nüvicam and the car started warning us about a disabled vehicle, and when we made it back to the highway, we noticed a police car driving out in front of us. It didn’t drive fast at all, it appeared to be holding back the traffic instead. A few kilometers further up, we understood why. A major traffic jam – all because a bus was parked in one of the lanes. It’s fascinating how the traffic just stands still when two lanes are turned into one.

Just one more

The next stop was the airport, where we parked the rental car, and checked in at the same hotel as we started on. But since we arrived relatively early, we just had to find one more cache.

We took the bus to the other terminal, and first attempted to find GC2V3HX Aeropuerto Memoria. We couldn’t even find the start, so we gave up and continued to GC6ZVBR HOTEL TB Barajas (SOLO INTERCAMBIO-EXCHANGE ONLY). That one was a lot easier to find, and ended up being our last find in Spain on this trip.

We took the bus back to terminal 4, where we found something to eat before going back to the hotel.