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The Easter vacation this year was an 11 day long city trip, spanning five countries, four of them which we’ve never cached in before.

A more detailed report for each day of the trip can be found in separate blog posts, which you eventually will find in the list at the bottom of this article.

This year we did not rent a car, instead we traveled by air, public transport and by using our feet. So instead of driving long distances, like we usually do, we spent more time in five different cities. You can read about how we decided on our route, and how we planned this trip in our blog series about trip planning (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5).

We started with a few hours in Oslo, before we flew to Vilnius. We spent two nights in Vilnius, with the main goal finding as many highly favorited caches as possible (and caches from the GIFF movie). From Vilnius, we flew to Riga, where we spent the night at the hotel near the airport. The day after, we flew very early to Budapest, where we set a new personal record with 28 earthcaches in one day. After a night in Budapest, we flew to Athens, where we spent the remaining five nights of the trip.

Some numbers

Total walking distance: 171,06 km / 106.29 mi
Total caches found: 166
Total DNF: 10
Virtual caches found during the trip: 8
Earthcaches found during the trip:  37

Caches found


We’ve taken a whole lot of photos, will upload a lot of them together with the logs.

Curious about which caches we found? You can see all of them in our trip report on cachetur.no, which you can find here.

Countries visited

  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Hungary
  • Greece

We’ve had an amazing and awesome trip, and we brought home a lot of great memories!

Read more detailed about our trip

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