Easter 2018 – Day 9 – Olympic caches

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This was our last day caching in Athens, and we didn’t have too much on our list today. The weather was great today as well, and we spent most of the day exploring the Olympic complex, and finding caches using the metro.

Approximate time out caching/traveling: 13 hours
Total walking distance: 20,91 km / 12.99 mi (31 633 steps)
Flights taken: 0
Total cahes found: 14
Total DNF: 1
Cities visited: Athens
Famous places visited: Athens Olympic Sports Complex
Most memorable cache: GC2NDF9 Philopapou
Biggest surprise: How abandoned the Olympic complex was
Weather: Sunny
Temperature range: ~25°C / 77°F

Too early

We got up way too early today, since we wanted to see if the sunrise was worth watching. It wasn’t as spectacular as we would like, but still worth the time.

Steeper than anticipated

We didn’t have a very long plan today, since we had already found most of the caches nearby. So after getting some breakfast, we started with the remaining caches nearby the hotel. At least we thought they were nearby 😛 But since we can’t fly, we have to follow roads and trails. And the trails up to the closest cache was long and steep. Very steep.

But we made it, and we found the cache 😀 A nice bonus was that we had both great weather, and the area almost to ourselves. Guess getting up early is the trick. The terrain to the next cache was a lot easier, but we had to work a bit to get the cache unstuck.


Abandoned Olympic complex

The last on our plan was a visit to the Olympic complex. We took a deep breath, and jumped on the overcrowded metro. It felt like the trip up there took forever, and it didn’t get any shorter when we had to stand the entire time.

The sight that greeted us when we exited the station was not what we expected. The complex appeared to be completely abandoned. And we quickly realized that was very close to the truth.

The caches here took us all around the complex, and it’s sad to see a complex like this just stand here and deteriorate. At least they still used some tiny parts of it, like one of the outdoor swimming pools. And we did meet some muggles out walking.

Back towards centrum

Once we were done finding all the caches, we took the metro back towards centrum. At one of the stops, a man came on board and suddenly flashed some kind of ID and document. He started talking very loud, but it all sounded Greek to us. So we couldn’t do anything else than expect a ticket control. Apparently they don’t do that very often in Athens, in fact they do it so seldom that most locals don’t even bother purchasing ticket. And they didn’t do it today either. He wasn’t doing a ticket control. He was selling lighters.

Bonus caches

We still had lot of time left, so after getting something to eat and having a quick stop at the hotel, we decided to utilize the metro to find some more caches. We managed to find four bonus caches, and our first and only DNF in Athens.

Same place as yesterday

After one last trip with the metro, we arrived back at the same restaurant as yesterday. This time we got the royal treatment 😛 A nice way to end our last day in Athens!

The walk back to the hotel felt a lot longer than it was. We’ve had a great time in Athens, but my feet will need a week to rest now 😛


Trip report

Curious about which caches we found?
You can see all of them on our trip report in cachetur.no, which you can find here.


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