Easter 2018 – Day 7 – Athens and Piraeus

In Out caching
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This was our second day caching in Athens, and we had a much shorter list today. A bit cloudy today, but still warm and pleasant weather.

Approximate time out caching/traveling: 12,5 hours
Total walking distance: 20,15 km / 12.5 mi (30 486 steps)
Flights taken: 0
Total cahes found: 11
Total DNF: 0
Cities visited: Athens, Piraeus
Famous places visited: Port of Piraeus
Most memorable cache: GC6V0NB Trireme & Battleship on sea
Biggest surprise: The nasty smell in Piraeus
Weather: Overcast
Temperature range: ~16°C / 60°F

Meet the Norwegians

The first on our plan was our own event, GC7K6NT Meet the Norwegians|thomfre & Heltinnen in Athens. We didn’t expect a huge turnout, so it was a nice surprise to meet both local and international geocachers 😀 It was extra fun that BosseG made this his milestone 2 000! Congratulations!

On the top of the hill

After our event, we did a walk around the area, to find the caches closest to the hotel. It was really nice to walk on a bit more uneven and softer ground. But it was a lot of up and down hills of various sizes, so our feet still had to work a lot 😛

More hop-on hop-off

We still had one more day left on our hop-on hop-off ticket, so we took the bus down to Piraeus. The smell down there was awful, so we renamed the place to Peeallaroundus.

After finding a couple caches, we took the bus back towards the city. Apparently people in Athens aren’t used to cold weather like we are, so we had the entire top of the bus to ourselves. The rest of the people sat downstairs, inside. And we also noticed a lot of people wearing more clothes than we do during winter…

The next stop led us to a challenge cache, and then to a very strange building. Turned out to be a culture center. We decided to do a quick visit to the “lighthouse”.

Old naval ship

After walking forever, we arrived at GC6V0NB Trireme & Battleship on sea. We tried to figure out if the museum ship was open or not while planning this trip, but finding that information in something other than Greek, was very difficult. So it was a pleasant surprise when we saw that it was open now.

We spent some time walking around the old ship, exploring as much as we could of the open areas. A very nice bonus, was that only a handful other people had found their way here, so it was far less crowded than all other places we’ve visited in Athens so far.

Another demonstration

From the museum, we used the tram to get back up to the city center. Our research paid of, and proved to be more accurate than the signage at the station. We took the tram to the end station, where we once again ended up in the middle of a demonstration. this time outside the parliament.

After a quick stop to find something to eat, we walked back towards the hotel. Tourists everywhere, and people wanting to sell or “give” us something. They got so annoying, that we just had to start talking to them in Norwegian.

Just a few more…

After a quick break at the hotel, we went back out to find a couple caches near the hotel. After finding the caches, and enjoying the sunset, we just walked around a bit, before it was finally time to get some sleep. 

Trip report

Curious about which caches we found?
You can see all of them on our trip report in cachetur.no, which you can find here.


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