Easter 2018 – Day 10 – Going home

In Out caching
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Today it was time to head back home, to the cold and wet Norway. A long day, but without any big problems.

Approximate time out caching/traveling: 15 hours
Total walking distance: 7,07 km / 4.39 mi (10 665 steps)
Flights taken: 3
Total cahes found: 1
Total DNF: 0
Cities visited: Athens
Famous places visited: None
Most memorable cache: GC4Y1V4 TB HOTEL Athens Int. Airport El. Venizelos
Biggest surprise: That we made our connection at CPH
Weather: Sunny
Temperature range: ~25°C / 77°F

To the airport

We have experienced enough check-in troubles to know that we should plan enough time to get to and through the airport. Especially with the crazy Athens traffic. Apparently our driver decided that we needed a bit more. So he showed up 30 minutes early.

One last cache

After check-in and bag drop, we headed back outside to find the cache at the airport. It wasn’t far from the terminal, but since my feet was hurting badly now, it felt a lot longer. We managed to find it without any problems, and this was the last cache of this vacation.

Problems at CPH

It was not a good day at CPH today. Due to various problems, the flight to Athens was severely delayed. And we needed that airplane, so we could fly to CPH. At least we could relax in the lounge while waiting (bonus tickets, the reason we ended up in Athens in the first place).

The airport in Athens is a strange place, and we had to do the airport sightseeing in a bus today as well. And for som reason, this routine operation turned out to be difficult today. Somehow they managed to misplace one of the busses, causing further delay. By the time we left, we were more than 1,5 hours late. On top of that, the captain quickly announced that due to strong headwinds, we might get even more delayed.

A nice flight

Once we got on board, and we finally hit the skies, it was a beautiful flight! Nobody in the middle seat, great views and fantastic weather. After the very pleasant flight, we just had to walk as fast as we could to get to the next flight, and we made it!

This one got a bit delayed as well, since it was still winter in Copenhagen. But we landed pretty much on time at OSL. And one short flight later, we arrived in the rain at HAU.



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