Easter 2018 – Day 1 – On our way to Vilnius

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The main goal this day, was to get to Vilnius. But since we had a long connection in Oslo, we had plenty of time to take the train into the city to find a few caches.

Approximate time out caching/traveling: 15 hours
Total walking distance: 14,41 km / 8.95 mi (21 730 steps)
Flights taken: 3 (HAU-OSL / OSL-ARN / ARN-VNO)
Total cahes found: 13
Total DNF: 0
Cities visited: Oslo, Vilnius
Famous places visited: Stortinget, The Opera House
Most memorable cache: GC7B979 Grass Roots Square
Biggest surprise: Meeting Snilja
Weather: Sunny
Temperature range: ~8°C / 46°F

A very long connection

We had a very long connection at Gardermoen, more than 7 hours. So we jumped on the train, and spent a few hours in the city.

Due to the very long Norwegian winter this year, we didn’t decide to do this until the day before we left. So we only had a very simple and basic plan for our hours in Oslo.

The weather was beautiful, and no snow in sight, just how we like it!

A nice virtual

One of the caches on our plan, was GC7B979 Grass Roots Square, a new virtual cache. This is just the type of art we like! It’s just there, easy to overlook, but full of details if you actually take the time to look at it.

We didn’t have much trouble with muggles this day, but we did see huge amounts of Pokémon Go players. They were everywhere! And seeing them just stand there staring at their phone, being unsocial together, kinda make me love geocaching even more. This is a much more social activity, and we actually get to see the real world around us. And no fiction can beat the real world, and the everyday craziness of the people in it.

Just one more…

We had plenty of time available, so it was very hard to resist the “just one more”. So we ended up finding four caches that wasn’t on our list. Most of the caches we found, were caches with many favorite points, and caches that are somewhat famous. It’s nice to have finally found them.


At GC2GAFH Oslo Concert Hall, we met two other cachers. They had just located the cache when we arrived, and shortly after, we noticed something as well. Always nice meeting other cachers!

Not very long after, we met Snilja near the city hall. What a nice surprise!

After chatting for a while, we headed toward the Opera, to finish our short Oslo visit with the caches there.

Time to head toward Vilnius

It was eventually time to head back to Gardermoen, and jump on the plane that took us to Arlanda. From there, it was a short trip in a nice brand new airplane to Vilnius.

We arrived in Vilnius so late, that we just went straight to bed. We had a long plan for the next day…

Trip report

Curious about which caches we found?
You can see all of them in our trip report on cachetur.no, which you can find here.


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